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woodie2April 23, 2005

It was a sad day for me yesterday on the Beauty Forum. I only get a tan once a year - for the month of March when we go to Florida. Its the only time of the year I feel that I look great! Well, I've been home from Florida for 3 weeks now and just yesterday I put on my slightly darker "tan" foundation and went out and about. Later in the morning I checked myself out in a mirror under fluorescent lighting and went 'AAAACCCCK' who is this woman with the dark mask staring back at me??????

My tan has faded and its back to the regular winter white foundation. Sigh.

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Do not dispair- winter white is very 'in' and tan out.
The sun is so dangerous- and trust me your skin will thank you for giving up on tan. If you want a tan look, just brush on the tinted sun blush. In Florida it's only the snow birds who are tan anyway.

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I grew up in Arizona without ever having a tan, it was too dang hot! I'm fish belly white without nary a crinkle at 49. Get a spray-on tan, they look pretty good!

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Too bad for you; it's hard for most people to get a nice safe tan in the face; I always use sunblock, sunglasses and a visor to play golf, so at best my nose is red !!!

I use a cream foundation which is applied with a sponge, to simulate a slight tan, it's from Guerlain and called Teint d'Ailleurs; it helps give me color because even with a heavy sunblock, my neck and chest seem to get some tan so I can wear the foundation and it really does give you a glow in the face.

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Hear that Morticia? - - the forum has spoken!

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Et tu, Dragonfly and Mitch!

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I never let myself tan either. I adore the pale unwrinkled look and I am in my 50's.

the sun and smoking will age the skin faster than anything, avoid both.

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I'm with the rest of you. I've never tanned (I have very pale skin) and don't miss it at all. And I'm close to 50 but regularly get pegged as in my early 30's. Beats tan and wrinkled any day!

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While not tanning is out being white is not in. Look at all the sunless tan products & salons with spray on tans out there & at all the celebrities with their "healthy" glow. So if you want color give those other products a try & go for that sunkissed look without the wrinkles. I just finished applying neutrogena bronzing sunless tanner. I used it for the first time the other day & it looks good but have no idea how I'm going to use it in the summer on my back - may get those spray on tans after all. The other day I used a glove to apply it & it was a little tough to smooth out but today I used my hands & kept washing my hands btn body sections & I can already see my palms are going to be colored tomorrow - I'll be scrubbing away. There has to be a better way!

Good luck.

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