attaching old piece of moulding to wall

ladyjinxJuly 23, 2009

I picked up a pretty piece of old moulding I'd like to attach to a wall, and use as a shelf of sorts. Is there a way to attach, or hang it, without making holes in the front of the piece? Is construction glue the only solution?


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Try looking in the picture hanging section of the hardware store, find the saw toothed ones that you would attach to a frame in order to hang the picture. That should do the least amount of damage..

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Thanks for your reply. We did in fact go to the picture framing section of our local home improvement store, but found something different! It's a picture hanging system of 2 brackets (they look like strips of metal to me!) You attach one to wall, one to item to be hung, and the 2 pieces of metal fit into each other. Nothing visible! We purchased the large one which will hold up to 200 lbs for my piece of molding - great! Went back to store to purchase 2 smaller ones to attach other old items which had ugly old nails or screws showing! Not too expensive either!

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I forgot about that kind! Glad to see that everything worked out for you.. Thanks for posting the outcome!

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