Neihi Peach drinks - is Neihi available anywhere in the U.S.?

downsouthJanuary 6, 2002

My husband and I drank a lot of Neihi peach sodas in the 60's when we were dating. It was our favorite soda drink. I haven't found a peach drink yet that tasted as good as Neihi. I haven't seen any drinks by Neihi in Georgia so I assume they must have went out of business years ago. They also made a good Neihi grape. Anyone had these drinks and could they possibly still be available in some states?


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Here is a place you can order it on line. Ann.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nehi Sodas

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Ann, thank you so much! My husband's birthday is Feb. 5. and I am going to surprise him with some Nehi drinks.

I can't believe they are still available.


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Have you had the new frosted "Peach Nectar" that Cracker Barrel has on special now? It is so good - but I could drink more than one!!

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Nehi is still available in stores here in TN i have some grape in the fridge now

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It here in North Alabama in 12 oz or 2 and 3 liter.

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You can buy Nehi in Mississippi too. I love the peach!

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