How to use this kind of stove top coffeepot?

ericasjJanuary 29, 2008

I'm getting tired of replacing electric coffeemakers, and like the idea of just making coffee on the stove. I've considered getting a manual Melitta again (but we broke several carafes), and a metal percolator (not confident about my ability to use it).

But some of these have turned up on Ebay, and I'm intrigued.

It's an old stove top Revere Ware drip coffee system. I like the idea that it's drip but being "copper clad", unbreakable. I just can't see how to use the thing. If you heat the water in the bottom, how do you also use it as the carafe? If you're pouring the water in the top filter part, it has to start dripping out before you get it back over the bottom part. Or am I missing something?

Here is a link that might be useful: Neat coffee pot

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You boil water in a tea kettle, put the grounds into the basket, place the basket on the carafe, place the top chamber on top of that...pour boiling water into the top up to the indicated line mark on the inside of the top water chamber, when it had dripped through, remove the top part and the grounds basket, place the lid on the carafe and there you go!
Linda C

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