Facial Hair from upper lip

Angel1977April 5, 2003

Hi All

upper lip

I have an embrassing problem with facial hair, when I was in my teens I made an big mistake by shaving my facial hair off. I have been doing this for a while. Now my hair is thicker and stubble with a dark mark. I have been using cream but the hair grows quicker, and wax leaves bumps with whitheads for weeks. I have an noticealble upper lip even when I remove and I want to get rid of it with any marks. Does anyone knows what the best soloutions for my facial hair problems?

kind regards


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I'm not sure what you mean by still having a noticeable upper lip. Do you mean it is not taking off ALL the hair? There are different kinds of waxes, and you can certainly get a waxing done to remove all your hair.

I would suggest you go to a salon that specializes in facials and skin care and see if they can help you. Many people do waxing in salons, but everyone doesn't know how to do it. That is why I'd suggest someone that does a lot of them every day.

Your problem may be the wax you are using, or the application/removal. Some people have much more stubborn hair, and/or sensitive skin.

There are also other avenues to explore such as permanant hair removal like electrolosis, or talk with a dermatologist about laser removal.

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Some birth control pills darken the upper lip. If you take them, ask your doctor to try prescribing another brand.

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Have you had a professional do the lip wax for you, or done it at home? I used to get pimples after waxing--my dermatologist said it was the skin's reaction to the "trauma" from waxing, and to use a little over-the-counter 1% cortizone cream right after waxing to prevent it--works like a charm for me.

You might want to investigate lazer hair removal if the hair is darkly pigmented.

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I had my upper lip done for the first time this week. Even though they are all blonde, they caused a major shadow due to the quantity.

She said that she gets those 'bump' things, and has found that swiping with alcohol right after the wax seems to help, as does followup with aloe. I didn't end up with the bumps, luckily.

If nothing else, this post will serve to caution other young women from using a razor because it does lead to long-term problems with the hair becoming coarser and harder to manage. Waxing is the best solution, with tweezing coming in second.

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I read somewhere that shaving does NOT cause hair to grow back thicker or courser - that this is a myth. I do know that when you shave, the hair comes in with a sharp end so it feels rougher.

I don't have a real big problem with facial hair, but being post menopausal I do have some chin hairs and a few at the corners of my upper lip. For many months now I have been using Aveeno Shaving Gel and a razor to remove these in the shower and I haven't noticed any problems at all.

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This may be a dumb question, but do the majority of women HAVE hair on the upper lip? I do, but they're all blond and very fine, so you only see 'em if the light hits 'em just right. But I'm becoming more self-conscious about them. Is this common?

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what shaving does is make the hair LOOK darker. if shaving 'beefed up' the hair- our poor men would all look like sasquatch.

Every single women on the planet has 'down' on her face- in fact, it's what gives some women that 'perfect complexion' look. if it's bothering you... it's most likely because the beauty companies have been hitting the 'unwanted hair' panic button pretty hard lately. seems they're running out of things to make us feel bad about.

lips aren't something most people can wax for themselves...and doing it wrong WILL cause ingrown hairs, whiteheads, and maybe even contact dermititis...

My own mustache is mostly blonde, but one in 50 or so comes in dark, and I pluck it.

getting it done professionally's a good idea, and it demonstrates the correct technique - then, you can consider getting together with a friend and doing it for eachother

but remember- every time you pull that skin tight, you're causing wrinkles. My mom's got Greta Garbo's brow line, and HEAVY lines around her mouth from years of waxing her mustache...and now, she wishes she hadn't been such a slave to the fashions.

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Mine is all blonde. But once I passed age 35 it started getting longer and thicker, so that although blonde, it cast a significant shadow. And it made face makeup not look as smooth as I wanted it to.

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I've recently been getting laser hair removal on my chin and bikini and it's been fabulous. I've been 3 times so far and my bikini line is almost done. My chin may take a little longer, but I'm very pleased with the results so far. I investigated both laser and electrolysis (I didn't have a hair problem until after I had kids), and in my area they end up costing about the same. Electrolysis is cheaper per treatment, but the treatments are more frequent and take longer. So factoring in that and my babysitting costs, I went with the laser.


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Myth or truth: I don't know, but I was taught that shaving doesn't make more hair grow. That the hair was forcing it's way back out and that made it coarser. I have some unwanted hair that I've plucked for years and it coarser than it ever was, but I am also older and have hormonal changes.

If you use alphy hydroxides or Renova you shouldn't wax. I am using the Renova now and shave because I can't wax.

I don't believe waxing causes wrinkling of the skin. The more you wax, generally the less you have to do it (although not true for everyone). It kills some of the follicles from the ripping.

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Are we really more aware of our facial hair because of the beauty companies, OR

are we experiencing it maybe more now than when we were on our HRT that we have now stopped.

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One of Mother Nature's dirty little tricks is to give us older women facial hair at the same time she takes away our ability to see well enough to tweeze it! LOL

I never had facial hair problems before menopause - now I get a few long chin hairs and darker hair on my upper lip. I do shave these while I'm in the shower - I keep a separate razor there just for my face. Shaving hasn't caused me any problems - or if it has, I can't see them.

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Out of lazziness, which is most of the time, I've been shaving it, since puberty and I'm in my mid twenties. I'm noticing the area getting dark, like a 5 o'clock shadow on my upper lip. Heard that lazer works well if the hair is thick and healthy, might scrape up some cash and try it.

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Shana, I had laser hair removal on my upper lip and it did not work. Waste of money!

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How many applications of it did you have? The doc I talked to told me it takes 5 office visits

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I had six. The hair came back.

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I had 4 laser applications, the last one about 5 weeks ago. My bikini line is completely done. Haven't seen anything at all. I could probably use 1 more treatment on my chin and neck, but my lip was done after 2. I was warned that I may need to go back once a year for any new growth, but otherwise I've been very pleased with the results. My bikini line was particularly heavy and waxing and shaving were a nightmare of ingrown hairs.

There are MANY kinds of lasers and some work better than others. I just spent some time looking for the brochure that listed the type of laser, but I haven't been able to find it. I'll look again later and see if I can find it and post it for you.

Before I went I asked for referrals from former patients. It's done at my OB/GYN's office by the Physicians Assistant, so I was fairly confident it would be a success.


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Been shaveing my upper lip for years.My face is smooth as a baby.It's like a shin peel.How many men do you know who shave have rough skin?Most men's skin are smooth .That's because they shave.You must do it every other day.

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I've been doing the laser for a few years now. It does take 4-5 treatments to be done, but you see results even after the first one. You will shave in between treatments (No waxing or plucking because it restores the root)

I go every year to 18 months now to touch up. Love it! It's given me my self confidence back.

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Carrie B

I've had electrolysis on my chin and upper lip on and off for years. For the most part, I am very happy with the results. Every few years, I'll go back for touch ups, but it has never gotten as thick and course as my lip and chin hair was initially. I do have sensitive skin, and tend to get whiteheads in the treated area, which is a drag, but they do clear up as soon as that round of treatment is up.

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Omg I don't have a mustash ew but I do have a shadow its not that dark but when you look close its noticeable I shaved it once it made it lighter but the next week it went back as a shadow I never waxed and idk about laser treatment maybe when I turn 18 but for now im thinking about geting it waxed but idk what should I do.

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I use one of those little battery operated trimmers. Works for me!

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