Your face care regimen?

phyllis_philodendronApril 2, 2005

When I went to the makeup counter the other day, the lady asked me if I "moisturized every night and exfoliated three times a week?" I was like, "Umm, uh....sometimes!" Admittedly if I'm not wearing makeup the most I do is splash my face in the shower! (otherwise my skin would be dried up like crazy) I got to thinking about it and wondered what I should be doing. I have combo skin that sometimes breaks out, with redness on my cheeks. I use Olay foaming face wash and then moisturize with Neutrogena something or other. I want to try the Alpha Hydroxy stuff and see what it's like.

What do other people do? I have a feeling I should be doing something different here! LOL

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I use Cetaphil for washing my face. Nondrying and nonirritating. any of the foaming ones are too drying for me. I used to use scrubs for exfoliating but found that my skin really didn't respond well. I use the microfiber cloth (gently!) now instead and my skin is less irritated. I still break out at the ripe old age of 49 so I use Retin A daily. It also refines my pores. As a moisturizer I am using Nivea Q10 wrinkle reducer, it has suncreen in it.

That's it!

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Morning & night I use Aveeno Facial Cleanser & Moisturizer. That's it! Quick n Easy.

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Oops, about once a week I use St Ives Apricot Scrub to exfolliate too!

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(1) Washing morning and night with unscented Dove for sensitive skin. (2) Exfoliating twice a week with Neutrogena "pore minimizing" lotion. (3) Moisturizing every day with regular old Lubriderm lotion.

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depends on how dependant on products you want to be...

a baby wash cloth is a more effective 'exfoliant' than most of the scrubs out there, which are relying more and more on fruit acids to do the work for them (not to mention that getting a bit of grit in your eye brings the 'relaxing' part of a shower to a screeching halt)

and really, unless you're in Dallas, LA, or NYC, the airborner pollutants aren't so stiff that you need to treat your face like you're a landscaper, or a lifeguard who's dealing with embedded dirt and environmental stressors.

a salesgirl's JOB is to instill product insecurity.

the only question should be 'are you happy with the shape of your skin?'

if so- then your regimen is correct for your skin.

if I used a scrub on my face three times in the same week- I'd pass for fresh plastic surgery...

and I can't use toners that have alchohol or salycilic acid in them. at all. ever.

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I'm another Cetaphil user, except I buy the CVS version. Years ago a woman in her late 60s with beautiful skin told me that's what she used, so I started then. Before that I tried other cleansers, but I don't think I've used soap on my face since childhood.

I keep a pump bottle of Cetaphil's moisturizer (or anything by Kiss My Face) next to the shower, so I can use a little while I'm drying off. Then a few minutes later I apply Jason's Ester C Creme, which has been my favorite for the past couple of years. It's non-greasy, not shiny, and very effective.

I don't use foundation. Occasionally I'll use an eye cream, but usually I just put Jason's over my entire face, eyes included.

At night I wipe the Cetaphil off with a wet (cool water) washcloth and apply one of several creams, all purchased at the health food store (or, some with alpha hydroxy.

still proud of my skin and hair
(Let's not talk about the rest of me.)

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Well, I live in Dallas... And I am outdoors a lot. In fact, I used to work outdoors 10 hours a day. (Worked at an organic garden center.) My skin takes a beating. Chinacat's comments are very true about our pollution. Somedays I walk out to the mailbox and think I need to go wash my face again! I also liked her question about whether you are happy with your skin or not. That is very true. Since I am approaching 40 and abuse my skin, I have recently started taking better care of my skin. (That, plus a good friend of mine, several years younger than I, just had a cancerous spot removed from her face - that scared me!) I started using Origins a few years ago - makeup and cleanser - but in the past year I have started using their moisterizer, exfoliants and sun screen. I love their products and have never before in my life had so many positive comments about my complextion.
I really don't have a standard daily regimen, though. It really depends on what I have done that day. If I spend the day in the garden, I will cleanse, use toner and moisturize. I often go days at a time without wearing makeup and on those days may just wash my face, but not moisturize.
Really - if you skin feels good and looks good - then you are doing something right, regardless of what a salesperson tries to tell you.
~ Suzie

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Years ago I was seeing a dermatologist for acne and he gave me benzamycin? Is that right? I can't remember. Anyway, I used Cetaphil to wash it off and it really burned my skin. Not sure if it was the Cetaphil, the benza whatever or the combination of the two.

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Cetaphil and Retin A at night. If you use Retin A you never need to exfoliate because what Retin A does is keeps that dead layer of skin off.

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The most important part of my regimen is a 30SPF facial moisturizer. I use Eucerin because I like a pump.

I, an LA resident, also had a cancer scare five years ago. I proudly show off my scar to over tanned folks as a warning.

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I am in love with my Clarins extra gentle foaming cleanser (smells so good, feels good), and use their toner also for normal skin - this toner, in combo with the cotton pad, does a nice job of sloughing off the rough stuff, when I'm using it every day. I like that these are all-natural, but I really love the way they smell and feel. Wonderful luxury.

At night, I always use a heavier cream, and I like Jason's A, C and E cream (they changed the name a bit, but check the ingredients). I started using this when I came home for a visit after several months away, and my mom's skin was looking terrific. Turns out she had been using this. Proof enough for me! I have turned several friends on to it as well.

In the morning, always an spf cream, but this has been the hardest to nail down. I have used Prescriptives "All you need" (I think that's it, with spf15 and light reflection), but it is a little strong on the chemicals, and sometimes it burns a bit. Right now I am using a (very expensive!) Clarins lotion with spf 20. It smells terrific, and I have not found it harsh. It doesn't taste very good though... ;)

Overall, I can tell a difference after a few weeks if I have been lazy about washing and using toner every night. Skin gets rougher, break out, etc. Once I get back to it, it's like new again.

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I have used and like Cetaphil products too.

If you don't like scrubs, you can try facial masks, the kind you leave on for 15-20 minutes.

I wash my face at night with whatever, put on Oil of Olay night creme. Days I use Olay moisturizer with SPF, then foundation.

Things I want to do better: wash my face with something better than "whatever" and I need to do more eye makeup. I really hate to bother with makeup, but recently had my makeup done with a new store in my area (Ulta), and doing something with the eyes makes me look a lot better.

I think good skin care can really pay off in how your skin looks in later years.

I've gotten very careful about the sun after an experience with basal cell carcinoma on my ear. The dermtologist gave me a medication called Aldara to put on it for 6 weeks. The medication encourages the body's immune reaction wherever it is applied. It really looked awful during that time (scabby, bleeding, oozing), and I was told not to bandage it. After the 6 weeks, dr. did another biopsy, the results were good and my ear has healed. The message here of course is to use caution regarding the amount of time you spend in the sun. If you have any kind of scaly thing which seems not to go away, have it checked. I never dreamed this small scaly thing on my ear was skin cancer.

We recently went on a vacation to a tropical spot. It was disturbing to see women who are already brown as they can be, continuing to spend hours sunbathing.

I've rambled on here, but I think the sun message is a good one.

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I have (age 52) skin with both acne (chin and nose area) and wrinkles (eyes). I found a great cleanser about ten years ago, called Anew Perfect Cleanser by Avon. Sadly, they no longer make this product. It was the only thing that cleaned my pores yet left my skin soft. I have occasionally found some thru Ebay. I just ordered four bottles. When I use it, it cleans and doesn't over-dry my skin. I have never found a suitable moisturizer. My skin is very sensitive, either gets over-dry or forms pimples. Also my eyes are allergic, get very itchy in spring and fall. Any suggestions?

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When my skin is acting up (dry and flaky, red, broken out, acting sensitive in general), I have had great results from Aveda's oil - I use the "Beautifying Oil", which has a nice lavendar scent. It is soothing and moisturizing and not heavy - it absorbs very nicely. I just wash and tone (very mild but good for exfoliating) and pat on some oil. I don't know if this would be too much if you are very acne prone?
Also I stand behind my Clarins foaming cleanser for sensitive skin. It is terrific.

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Yeah, you can't say enough about the company because you just logged on and your only two posts direct people to the site. How much money are you going to make that way? Sheesh - buy an ad!

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Wow, great response from the moderator - he removed the advertiser I was berating in my post above.

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I wash my face with whatever I have on hand. I did buy an Olay product that exfoliates and heats up hot when you use it. It's expensive, not sure I'll buy it twice but I do like how my skin feels after using it almost daily for 3 weeks now. Normally, I use St Ives apricot scrub once or twice a week if I remember. For a cleanser I use either my sisters home made goats milk soap or if I remember that I have it, I use my Vichy cleanser. I also have Avon's Mediteranian Olive Oil cleanser. For a moisturizer I use soft Nivea. Been using it for over 10 years. I rarely if ever wash my face before I go to bed. Just never think to do it. Besides, when I'm sleepy I don't feel like washing. LOL Whatever I'm doing must be working. The pharmacy staff believed I was 35 about 2 months ago. I just turned 46.

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