Please help with info on baby cradle

nutmegerJuly 9, 2014

I am unsure if this baby cradle is old, or Amish? Or maybe both? The dovetailing is really neat. If anyone has any insight or additional info please let me know. It measures 41â³ long x 21.5â³ tall and the rockers are 26.5â³ wide.
-- Pauline

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My first impression is that the cradle is not very old. The color is too pale, the thinness of the stock it's made from seems modern (how thick is it? 3/4 inch?), and most early craftsmen would have avoided the large knot on the side panel.

The plans for cradles like these have been available for a long time, so it's possible it was made by a home woodworker.

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I am curious about the nail heads. They look square, and that could be an indication of old nails.

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You can buy square-headed nails today ... that looks like one of the many "make a cradle" plans I've seen.

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hi nutmeger,
take a look at this hooded cradle kit from Bartley's. Hard to believe the kit sells for $599, notice the construction details.
Your cradle has well-made dovetails which is difficult to do with angled sides. It looks like your cradle was painted and stripped, maybe bottom replaced. I think that you have an old cradle. BTW in my area I don't see any association with Amish and antique furniture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bartley's cradle kit

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