Best brows for blondes?

alisandeApril 21, 2003

I'm a natural blonde with eyebrows to match. For a long time I've been using Revlon's Colorstay Brow Color, which has a tinted gel on one end and a pencil on the other. I especially like the pencil, which is soft and a nice light color. But this product is increasingly hard to find, and I've been looking for something else. Tried a couple of pencils, but they're either too hard or too dark. Beauty articles talk about using a powder product, but I haven't found anything light enough. And then I also wonder about the appearance on blonde brows....I've seen some women with overplucked brows that look very powdery.

Any thoughts?



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Im blonde too. I used the Colorstay for awhile and now I just buy the Revlon pencil at Sallys (Revlon R Pro). Its the same color pencil without the gel for about $2 versus the colorstay version for $8 (I rarely used the gel so thats a better deal for me). I use Sorme brow kit in true blonde when I have more time and want them to be perfect. Heres a link (bottom row second from right).


I cant get the forum to link because it doesnt recognize the .html extension, so copy this to your browser to ge to the site:

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Thanks, Devon. I don't use the gel much either, so the pencil would be a good deal. I'll find out where the nearest Sally's is. The Sorme product looks intriguing, but the "where to buy" link didn't work for me, and the shopping around here is somewhat limited anyway.


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The sallys has a store locator on their website

I dont know what chains carry Sorme. Guess I was lucky to find it. Id try a google search.

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