Help Identifying Chandelier and Matching Table

YazaamJuly 15, 2013

Good Evening, I need some help in identifying a dining room table and matching chandelier. They were probably purchased in the 80s or 70s, but could have been earlier (sorry not much help there). Each has chrome and what appears to be brass in certain places. The chandelier has 12 lights and on the inside of the place which each light comes from says "STILE LAMP. ART. M.D."

It is very possible that they were not intended to be from a set, but rather they were purchased because they matched.

They belonged to my grandparents, and unfortunately only one is still living and he is not in a state to answer any of these questions. I am trying to help liquidate assets to help him out and want to make sure I do not make any foolish and/or premature decisions on values.

Thanks in advance! Final note: I'm mostly concerned about the chandelier, which I believe to be of the most potential value, but any information on the table would also be of great help.

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The chandelier pictured is just a variation on a theme - Colonial style.

There are certainly chandelier types to complement furniture styles. Which is the likely reason this particular item was purchased.

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Would you say that it is not worth paying for extra shipping to bring it 800 or so miles... It is not intended to be kept, but sold.

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The popularity of this type chandelier waxes and wanes as people's tastes change. A variation of this chandelier was a common item in many houses back East. I can't say what it might be worth to you or someone else, or what the wisdom might be to shipping. Look up Colonial Chandeliers on the internet for anything similar; do a bit of research.

Never really considered fixed lighting as an asset unless of heirloom quality - more generally as something that conveys in the sale of a house.

But, the value of something is what someone is willing to pay for it.

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The chandelier looks like a modern ( 70`s ) reproduction to me. Get what you can for it. What about the table? Are we getting a pic or two?

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