Fragrance of the Day 4/28

shaunApril 28, 2006


Wearing Beach by Bobbi Brown today - feels like a summer day again.

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Good morning!! Shaun, you smell so wonderful in your Beach today! I needed something fun for Friday so I chose Pink Sugar for my fotd! Hopefully it will feel like summer here today too - temps expected to get up to 77!! Wishing everyone a lovely, sunny Friday!!

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Good morning! Wearing Tea Rose today.

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My pick will be Curve Crush later on.

Too much offee w/ soy milk this morning, I feel like a bumble bee right now!

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Just barely still Good Morning!

I was out at BBW this morning, taking advantage of a gift card I received at Christmas and their 5/$25 sale. So, right now I smell like Coconut Lime Verbena, Magnolia Blossom, Japanese Cherry Blossom, White Cherry Blossom, and Fresh Vanilla. I think I need to shower and then I'll probably put on Memoirs of a Geisha.

It's a beautiful and sunny spring day here - a perfect example of why spring is my favorite season.

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Good Friday morning to all!

Wow - it smells lovely in here! :)

After I do a little outdoors work and shower, I'll go with BB Beach too. Love that stuff! Some say "it smells just like suntan oil" but it's got the salty sea air accord in there too, very very nice.

Great sale at BBW - may check that out later today.


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