What to do the night before to have your hair curly?

michelle_phxazApril 30, 2011

I have very long, very thick, very straight hair. I would love to have it curl at the ends or be wavy when I go to work. I work at a casino in the evening/night shift, so when I get home at 3am I take a shower and wash my hair. I sleep on it damp and it is a litle wavy for a few hours when I get up but before I even start to get ready for work it is straight again.

When I curl it the curl is gone within an hour.

I am looking for a way to sleep with the hair damp to hold the curl longer the next day or a style that would help it hold the waves.


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Have you tried Rag curling? My hair dresser does it to her own hair sometimes and it looks really nice...not a tight curl but just loose and cute looking. I'm not sure how well the rags would stay in if you toss and turn but you could give it a try.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rag curling

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Thanks! I now remember my mom used to do "sock curls" on us, we used clean socks instead of rags, I will give it a try!

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