Age of this hand-made copper coated pail???

bradleyd_svhJuly 10, 2014

EXTREMELY curious about the age and original use of this pail. Could not resist purchasing it because it was priced at only $10. Even the cashier at the antiques/consignment shop jokingly called me a "thief" because I got such a good deal. A friend suggested possibly a spittoon, but I have not seen a spittoon that has a hanging handle or two kinds of metal.

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Photo 2. Good view of handle.

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Size is 6 and 1/4 cross the top, 7 inches across the bottom, and only 5 and a half inches high. Quite a sturdy little pail. And for what it is worth, magnets stick to the handle but not the pail.

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I had some pots like yours. My sister-in-law brought them back from Greece in the 1990's.

I think they were popular at places like Pier One Imports when Pier One was first getting started.


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I searched for

copper pot iron bail (the handle is called a "bail")

and came up with a few close matches.

Age impossible to determine, but they are used to cook small quantities over a kitchen fireplace. Reducing sauces, making small amount of broth, making glazes ... that kind of thing.

It would be tinned inside to avoid copper poisoning

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Thank you both for your input. I searched online and found one identical to it going for $145, so I think I can jokingly call myself a thief for having gotten it for only 10. That site indicated it might have bee made in Palestine in the mid-nineteenth century

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