April 2009 fave products show and tell

mitchdesjApril 6, 2009

Might as well start a current thread !!

I've been using Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless cream foundation, the one that Ellen advertises, with the white swirl in it, and I absolutely love it,

I sponge it on and it evens out my skin tone without being too heavy or streaky.

I also discovered Laura Mercier's creme brulee hand creme, a new favorite because of the smell, quickly absorbed.

Nars fat lip pencils, my lips are pale and this stick goes on creamy, and tints my lips; I usually put on a gloss over it, but by itself, it gives my pale lips a natural color that lasts.

(Note to self: Mitch must stay away from Sephora)

anyone else want to share a favorite product, face, body and hair ?

inexpensive is better but I tend to indulge once in a while.

spammers , please stay away and keep this thread clean.

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I pretty much buy cosmetics at the drugstore and seem to favor anything Neutrogena including the sunscreens. I'm usually pretty happy with whatever I buy. Right now I have a Revlon foundation and also one from Avon. They are both ok.

I have trouble getting good eyebrow pencils. I avoid a penciled on look, but it's difficult with thinnning eyebrows.

This is NOT NOT spam so don't get mad, ok?--I have enjoyed the website http://www.cosmeticscop.com/ because she rates different products, drugstore and dept. store both. She sells her own line as well but certainly does give good ratings to many products which are not hers. At one time she had a report called Drugstore Doubles which rated a lot of products also.


I think I'll try that Olay Simply Ageless cream foundation. Sounds nice.

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Not a specific brand to recommend, but I picked up a technique that I've been using lately.

I bought a white-white liner pencil, and I use it just below my eyebrow in a very, very thin line. Used with other light-colored highlighter it boosts the effect, and by itself it is very quick to do -- I just make sure to blend it in.

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Socks: I have the same problem w/eyebrows, and I find I get a much more natural look with powder than a pencil. I can't necessarily recommend a brand, although I like and use a Vincent Longo one that I got at Ulta.

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I used to have a Truco kit that had 3 powder colors for eyebrows.

jamies, what does the white liner do, define the brow area nicely ?

I have very thin, almost gone, eyebrows; I noticed that if I let the pencil tip get rounded, not too pointy, I can get a more natural look; I start drawing litely,
and fill in as needed. Guerlain has a pencil called blonde, the color is soft.

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I have been using Beauticontrol's Show of Hands Instant manicure and brown sugar body scrub. Love them! The instant manicure leaves my hands so soft and they smell amazing. The body scrub is great to use before I shave. My legs are super smooth and they smell great too. They are reasonably priced at $27 for the hands and $20 for body scrub. Each container lasts at least 6 weeks with regular use. You can check them out at www.beautipage.com/ashleyvoyles

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I needed a new blusher and ended up at Sephora, again.
I bought a combo blusher/bronzer by Nars , I applied the bronzer lightly with a large brush, and it gave me a very slight tan look which was very effective, I even brushed it on my neck and chest area.

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This forum has been so slow this last year, maybe because of all the spammers it seems to attract.

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I'm just now getting back here.

The white pencil gives a little more oomph to the brow-ridge highlighter. I ususally use a lighter shade at the ridge, to create more dimension, and the tiny bit of white just adds a little edge. It dries up quickly in the container, too. If you get some, get a small container.

I finally tried the tube mascara. I got Two Faced. The first time I wore it I took a nap and some got in my eye and I had quite a little reaction to it. But it hasn't happened again. Do I like it? Well, I like not having racoon eyes, but it doesn't really give me a full look. I don't seem to be able to "build" with it. Once you put on the first coat, that's it. It does not give a super-dramatic false eyelash look.

Have you tried the lipcolor that goes on like a magic marker? I really love the that you can line and define your lips perfectly with this stuff. It really makes a nice liner, connecting up where I have sort of like blanks in the edges of my lips. I like that it doesn't add any texture -- you still have lip-textured lips, they're just a different color. But I have my usual issue with this just like with every other lip color: dryness. I swear by Karite Lips Shea butter lip balm for moisturizing. It even has a little wind and sun barrier by way of the shea butter. It really, really works.

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oops, that sentence about drying up should have been at the end of the second paragraph. It's the tube mascara that dries up quickly.

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I don't think I mean brow ridge. That's what crow-magnon man had in spades. I mean brow bone. The bone at the top of the eye socket, below the eyebrow, above the crease.

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I remembered your tip and started doing it with a pale shadow;
I was avoiding that area before, it gives me a more awake look.

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