Thermador Outdoor Grill--to buy or not to buy

darenkaDecember 22, 2005

I'm not sure if this or the appliance forum is best for this so I'll try both.

I found a Thermador grill on clearance. It's a discontinued free-standing model CGB30CZLP which they claim originally sold for $3,340 now marked to 1,000. Of course DH is unavailable for consult so I hope someone has done research on them. Should I snag this deal or let it go? Is this type of grill every fellas dream?

I've been told it's never left the showroom, but it looks like the ignition has been started. One of the side wings (table/leaf, whatever they are called) is missing so I suspect it might be a return. This calls into question how good Thermador customer service is...will they repair if there is a problem? I'm told it's under full warranty. I can return to the store for 30 days, but it's not really grilling weather. I'd obviously make the effort, but I don't know that I'm ready test drive it every night.

Sooo... any help or advise you could give would be much appreciated.

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Does it have rotisserie and rear burner for same? Make sure it is complete, you know it's propane and not natural gas? If you can live w/that seems like a great deal.

I wouldn't go high-end myself for propane if natural gas available. I've got a PGS k40 piped in, 5 years old, but they don't support their products very well - options/accessories to upgrade over time also disappeared over time.

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