What do you know about Wigs?

arroyApril 12, 2012

I am going to get a wig soon as my protective style for the winter. I have terrible hand in hair syndrome. I want to put the wig on, and take it off when I need to. I have never worn a wig, don't know the least bit about how to pick one, wash it or anything. Someone please help?

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Country Sunflower

I keep 4 of them in various styles and colors...mostly grey / blonde or strawberry blonde...

Go to a really good quality wig shop and try them on to see how they fit and look on you... I spent upward of $300 each for mine.. and they are worth it...you pretty much get what you pay for....

Hope this helps some..


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You definitely need to go to a wig store to ask these questions, they will be able to see you in person and tell you what you need.

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With my experience in acting I have seen a lot of low quality wigs that 1)look very fake, and 2) end up being really itchy. I agree with Carolyn go to a wig store and look for a good quality one. Some are made with real hair, some aren't..that choice is up to you.
I would also shop around and check out different stores(perhaps there are reviews of them) so that way you can feel confident you are going to a place where people know their business.

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