I need skin care help!

theodore_2007April 27, 2007

I hope this forum lives up to its name, because I need some professional help! I'm at my wits end trying to select anti-aging products to use and need some guidance. What is actually effective at getting rid of crows feet, bags, and wrinkles!?

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Face peeling or plastic surgery.
Once the lines, wrinkles and the sags and bags are there....they can't be removed, advertising not withstanding.
The best measures are preventative, lots of water, no smoking, staying out of the sun good nutrition and the use of anything that will seal the moisture into your skin....anything from vasoline to the highest priced cream works.
Linda C

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You can do some online research at cosmeticscop.com.

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Once you've got them, only surgery can get rid of them, as Linda said. You can make them look a bit softer by moisturizing, that's it. "Anti-aging" is a myth and marketing bonanza.

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Ask a dermatologist about a topical retinoid. Such as Retn-A micro,Tazerac,or differin gel. They have collegon building properties and are being prescribed by doctors now for wrinkles.
Also look into NEOSTRATA products through your dermatologist. They contain PHA,which is a milder form of AHA's and can really make a difference with wrinkles and smoothing out the skin.They are a much higher percentage than anything you'd buy over the counter,which is why you have to get it from a doctor.

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Once you have it, you have it. Surgery is the only remedy and the gals I've known that had plastic surgery were very disapointed in the results. Aging is nothing to be ashamed of. Live w/ it!

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That's not true vannie! Retinoids can help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles.Maybe not the very deep ones,but many women can see a difference using it. Also,PHAs and AHAs make a huge difference in the tone and firmness of the skin. It wont be as dramatic as a face lift,but it can help with skin's overall appearance. Exspecially if you start using it before wrinkles have gotten too bad.
At 30 I have yet to see a wrinkle,while I notice others younger than me already have a few. I chalk it up to staying out of the sun,and my usage of retinoids.

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Deep cleaning and exfoliating are crucial, imo, in getting any products you use to do their job; the best wrinkle cream in the world won't be effective if you are putting it on top of dead skin. I like to get professional facials every new season, say twice in a row, then I'm sure my skin is well cleaned, I'm not good at doing this at home properly.

I use an exfoliating mask once a week on my own, the type that has to be on for 5 minutes, then you can wash it off in the shower. Easy enough as maintenance.

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The fine lines and wrinkles that "retinoids" get rid of are insignificant.
If it pleases you to use these things and examine your face inder magnification and find some difference in fine lines, so be it.
As for 30 and have yet to see a wrinkle? Sorry...but I am LAMO!!30 year olds don't have wrinkles unless you have experienced some mighty hard livin'! At 36 I was carded!
I repeat...no ciggies, no sun baths, lots of water...but if you haven't heeded the warnings...it's too late for anything but surgery...
Linda C

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Bull,30 year olds DO have wrinkles! Heck,people UNDER 30 have them. It's called sun damage and smoking and drinking.My husband had wrinkles at 25.
Unless you personally have tried retinoids,Lindac,then DO NOT knock it! Because the acne forum I'm on,All the old ladies speak very highly of it.

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With fake tanning booths being so popular as they are,I have seen girls half my age with wrinkles already...it has nothing to do with living a hard life.It has more to do with common sense.People know tanning is bad but do it anyways.

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I would think regularly investing in Botox treatments ought to help, but I have never used Botox. I suspect the earlier you use it the better. I have great skin for my age, and it is because I did not sit in the sun. I smoked a little eons ago, and I don't drink enough water. I wash my face with bar soap and use cream on my face every now and then. I also had a dad with great skin, and I inherited it. But then I did not damage the skin in the sun or with tanning booths either.

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A good, caring, results-oriented aesthetician makes all the difference. I found that the dermatologist or cosmetic surgeons want to go right into aggressive treatments. And they're so expensive. Depending on where you live, a series of anti-aging facials will cost $50 to $100 each and the aesthetician can recommend a home skincare plan will make all the difference. Sure, it won't make wrinkles go away but facials will help stimulate new skin cell growth and maintain what you have. (By the way, yes, that aforementioned website looks shady but I was also accused of being spam when I shared a home beauty recipe that was garden related. I was afraid to come back...)

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