Help identify dropleaf table and chairs

liisbJuly 1, 2014

Hi - I have a old table and chair set that I don't know how to identify. It was given to me around 1988 dirty and almost black from storage. It came from a friends Great Grandmother then so I assumed it might be very old. The only identifier is the #3014 written under the table top (bottom side).

4 chairs, 2 leaves (one damaged). The table is undamaged, though old.

I stripped it in '88' and the color was lovely so it didn't require stain. I applied several coats of polyurethane, and used it in my New York City Apartment for about 15 years. Now its just sitting in storage and I would like to sell it.

I am not looking to make a fortune but wondering what style it is, year if possible, and approx. selling price. Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

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Looks like 1950s maple ... vaguely "country" styling.

Call it "Cottage" and list it for $100 and be willing to take $50-75

Here's the economics: You got it for free, cleaned it and varnished it and used it for 15 years. Right now it's costing you money for space to store it.

Giving it away would not lose money, $50 would be a profit.

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Thank you!

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Looks ya like Pennsylvania Dutch to me, or maybe Amish? I would price it at $175 and take the best offer. You don't need to sell to the 1st person who makes an offer. Simply tell them you're hoping to get a little more, but if you can't will sell to them.

This style is great for anyone wanting to do a cottage kitchen with painted white furniture~yes, more than likely it will be painted. This may be the person willing to give you the best price. Good luck.

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