Youthful Essence.........Anyone tried it?

simply_sheliaApril 20, 2003

I was watching the infomercial and it really caught my attention.Has anyone tried this product and did you like it?

It's the one with the cream with little crystals and the battery operated brush that is suppose to gently slough off dead dull skincells.Light dermabrasian but you do it at home.Susan Lucci promotes it.Thanks.

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I havent heard of that one but I have the I Skin (by Dermanew) that seems like the same thing and it works pretty well (though Ive only used it twice).

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Thanks Devon.

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I've used the I skin sold at Sally's and it really seems to make a difference. I've used 15-20% AHA for over a year and this microdermabrasion gave me more visible immediate results. I've only used it three times so far and no bad side effects that I can detect and my skin really glows afterwards.

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I've been using it for a few weeks and can't say that I see too much of a difference. The best I can say is it give a good base for when I use my face tanner. guess I'll try "Terrapots" I Skin from Sally's and see if I get a change.

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Another idea to try is take a small amount of baking soda and mix it with your face washing cream or lotion in the palm of your hand. It works just as well to remove dead skin cells as the high price spread and cost pennies. Read that in "Don't Go To The Cosmetic Counter Without Me" had some great ideas.

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