Cooking egg plant!

rustyj14December 26, 2004

Some folks like to post their recipies here, so here's mine for eggplant!

First off, ya need the egg plant! I don't know if it is sold or given away, although i have been given some at various times. Here is my recipe for egg plant!

First, wash off the outside of the thing, then, into a fairly well buttered skillet, you slice the egg plant. Season it well with butter, salt, pepper, and anything else you'd like to put on it!

Cook it until it is fairly well browned--then throw the stuff away and eat the skillet!

by: Rustyj.

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Try try slicing the eggplant into 1/2" thick medallions, soaking in olive oil for about an hour, seasoning with season salt, and then grilling over direct medium heat for about 5 minutes per side. A little better tasting then a skillet depending on what was cooked on the skillet previously and how well it was cleaned.

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Well, Wheely boy, i must admit, the skillet was used previously to catch the oil i drained out of my truck, but it did add a lot of flavor to the egg plant, so much, in fact, the egg plant probably tasted pretty good! Later on, i found a dead dog nearby, and the egg plant was chewed up some, so its better that i ate the skillet!
But, thanks for your ideas. If i need any more advice on cooking, i'll certainly call on you for it!
Thanks: Rustyj

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