ellie45April 7, 2010

I'm talking about something beyond Spanx which doesn't work

for me. I tried to make myself believe it as did my friends and we agree that we need more I can can suck my tummy in and it is goof enough which I'm standing but it doesn't work sitting down.I'm 15 punds over weight and my stomach is my weekest spot.

I am looking for something like my mother had. You were firm and your tummy was in there. There are times when I want to look just that good in my stomach and hips. I live in Washington Dc and there are no specialty stores that sell this stuff. What do you think is possible for me?

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Your mother probably had a panty girdle, and boy were they uncomfortable, cutting you at the waist and thighs. I haven't worn Spanx, but if you get something too tight, you'll be miserable. Gee, 15 lbs overweight, I can just imagine that tiny tummy sticking out! I'm teasing you a little, because 15 lbs. isn't much. I bet if you even dropped 6-8 lbs you'd be happier.

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I have to agree with Socks on this, try losing weight the old fashion way, then no discomfort, no more buying undergarments, and you will feel healthier.

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Socks and Michelle you are right. I seem to only gain weight and keep changing what weight I should ideally weigh.
I will try good old fashion sit ups. If you have any other ideas of how to work out this fat that lies in a roll on my stomach let me know. My chest girth is also larger. I usally just chalk it up to age and the fact that I can't walk but I will try, I will try. Thanks.

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Ellie, this is Maggie here. From what you have just said you are not able to walk but can stand with help and perhaps you are in a wheel chair. You are understandably concerned and your answer was quite gracious. People with challenges are welcome here and I would like to address your question. I do my best to help my friend who has similar issues with her weight. I agree that Spanx doesn't work for me either.Only skinny women can wear them I think :) There are those days when I would like heavier foundations but they don't exist. Some of us would welcome being packed in for special occasion. My friend and I have found that you are better off having semi fitted clothes that don't go too far below the waist (Don't hide your body.) For those in wheelchairs this is just as important. You don't want a lot of material under your arms - like wings. Have a tailor work on the fit for you. It is a good investment or you may be able to do it yourself. Also add a colorful scarf for interest. I can tell you are a smiler so put your make up on and only you know best if you can add exercise. Perhaps some others can chime in here. I would love to continue this topic. Hugs, Maggie.

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I agree that spanx are not very big, I can wear a size 8 pant and use a size large spanx, and I have to use force to get in them. Very tight stuff.

Some department stores still have foundation garment specialists who know their merchandise, try to find one of those.

I remember uncomfortable girdles and long bras, it was like an armour, lol..

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