Campsite cooking

rustyj14December 26, 2004

One Thanksgiving weekend, my cousins and my family decided to go camping for the weekend. Both families had campers/ trailers, so we didn't have to rough it!

My cousin's husband was very proficient at out door rough cooking. He brought along a box-like reflector "oven" which he set up beside the open fire. he had a drip pan under the turkey, which was on a "spit". With a good fire going, it didn't take long to get that bird done to a turn! Other campers there asked what we were cooking, and when we told them "Turkey", their hot dogs and hamburgers lost their appeal!

We enjoyed a real feast that day!

Another time we went camping on a nice fall weekend, with the same cousins. Others were supposed to come, but the really cold weather kept them at home! (Only the "nuts" were there!)

On Saturday, we walked around the camp. We found an apple tree, with fruit laying around, just ripe enough (not rotten, or deer bit) to make pies!

So, we gathered the required amount of apples, and the ladies got to work! After they got the dough made, they found they didn't have a rolling pin, so we had to improvise with a whiskey bottle. That worked good, but when it came time to "season" the pie, nobody had any cinnamon! What to do? We went down to the owners house, but she had none either! We were the only campers in the place. So, the cooks decided a dash of Bourbon might help the taste, so thats what they put in the pie!

MMMMMHHHH!! Let me tell you--that pie didn't last long!!!

Now, we go to the cousins farm about 3-4 times in the summer. We still cook over the open fire, drink a little beer, talk about old times, and have a fine time relaxing around the fire! And EAT! Nobody has forgotten how to cook! We came from a German family that knew all the secrets of making food taste good, and, after they got my wife clued in, she got good at it, too! Aww, she took cooking classes at her high school, but they were city folk! And, English! If she hadn't known how to cook, i would have been "down the road" long ago!

by: Rustyj.

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Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

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My cousins and i have always been close! They lived about 30 miles away from us, and my family wiould always go out there on weekends and holidays! My mother's sister lived with us for a long time, and worked for Gulf Refining Co., since known as Gulf Oil Corp.
The other Aunt & Uncle lived in a small house with her husband and 2 children. Uncle worked for Edgewater Steel Company, in Verona, Pa. They made locomotive tires and wheels, along with freight car wheels!
The ladies liked to cook, and along with my maternal grandmother, would always cook up great, table-laden meals!
Oh, how i liked to go to grand-mother's home! It always smelled of great baked goodies, which she kept in an old buffet. Just opening the doors of that buffet made my heart pound, whilst observing the great mounds of goodies inside! I could hardly wait until she brought something into view, and put it on the table for us to try! YUUMMMM!
My wife is also a great cook! I don't think the other side of the fence would be any better! I've found, after much thinking on it--ladies are either great cooks, or great show-pieces, but not both!
So, take the advice of an old coot! Make sure yer future wife knows how to cook--or yer life will be a series of can openings, and trips to Mickey D's! Like some old sage said: "The way to a mans heart is thru his stomach!"
by: rustyj

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