type of grill to use or not use!

rustyj14December 26, 2004

I'd like to post a warning to some of the newer campers, about what to use over the fire, when cooking!

In one of the posts, i read where the person was going to use the grille out of an old refrigerator!

Unless you can verify what that grill is coated with, i'd say don't use it!

Some of the older grilles are coated with a galvanised material, which will leach out dangerous stuff into your cooking!

Also, when attending an outdoor pig, chicken, cow, deer roast, or any place where the people are cooking meat or any other stuff over an open fire, make sure they aren't using galvanized chicken wire! They should be using stainless wire to hold the meat on the spit! Galvanised material will do serious things to yer insides!

Best bet is to go to the local store that sells everything, and buy a new steel grille that is the type used in gas grills! They don't cost much and are much safer for cooking! Or, watch fer yer neighbor throwing out his old propane gas grill, and snatch the top grille out of it! Or make one to the size you need,get some steel rod, and weld it together to make a grille.

by: Rustyj

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Many grills are coated with galvanized metal....
The problem is not the zinc leaching into your food but perhaps vaporizing into the air....
They are still being sold....so I guess the jury is still out.
Linda C

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Old refrigerator grills often contained, IIRC, cadmium as part of the plating metal. Not a problem in a fridge, but if you heat it up, it starts to liberate. Cadmium is not good for the soul.

Grills sold specifically for campfire cooking don't have this problem.

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I owned a welding shop so I had to know quite a bit about this. It's the vapors from galvanized metal that is toxic. Although galvanized is not the best thing to use, food-grade stainless is, sitting on galvanized won't hurt you. Only when the heat is so high the it vaporizes, as in welding, would it be a problem.

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