Can a salon fix a toenail?

BombShelleApril 6, 2003

I had surgery on my toe to remove an ingrown nail a while back, and the nail is not growing in well. It look awful! Can a salon do anything to make it look any they do for fingernails? Has anyone heard of anything like this and if so, whats it called?

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What are you looking for a salon to do? A salon can groom the nail by shaping, painting, pushing back cuticle, and trimming cuticle. Any other process would be best left to a pediatrist.

The key to trimming toenails is to keep them squarish at the ends, instead of shaping the edges into the sides. My son had an ingrown nail cut also, and they took part of the nail out of the side of his big toe. I don't know if that's how they did yours. His grew in right in time.

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You can get a fake nail put on, similiar to on your finger. But as with the finger, it does require upkeep.


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I put on a fake nail and it works pretty good.Keep your nail glue handy and and extra nail for back up.Never know when it might pop off!!!

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hehe - when I had a nail fall off I just painted the skin in the shape of a nail :)

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could you define 'a while'? since it can easily take a year from a toenail to recover from that kind of abuse...

a fake might cover it up- but it will also open you up to nail-bed infections (even if you wear open-toed shoes all year 'round) and it will make it hard to monitor the regrowth of the nail.

I'd definately talk to your podiatrist before you messed around with it.

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