Antique Highboy Dresser value?

unigeezerJuly 5, 2013

I have an antique Highboy dresser in excellent condition. I was wondering if anyone could take a guess at its value? It's 34" wide, 20" depth and 5 feet tall.

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Photos of inside drawers, sides of drawers, bottom of the outside of the drawers, and inside of chest without the drawers would be helpful. please include side and back view of body of the dresser as well, if you can. Has it been stripped and re finished at some point? It is difficult to tell what kind of wood it is from the photo. On the underside of the body or the back, or on any of the drawers are there any markings? My first impression is that it is not super old, but photos can be very misleading. What do you know of its history?

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Its value is about what you paid for it. It appears to be oak but it is hard to tell. "Antiques" tend to lose much of their value when they are stripped and made to look like new furniture.

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unigeezer, compare your maple highboy repro with the one in this antiques roadshow link. Notice how the drawers do not graduate bottom to top like the old ones do. An antique will have a lock for each drawer. Read the commentary of the link and get back with us and tell us what you have.

Here is a link that might be useful: Genuine Antique Highboy

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It's a mid-century reproduction, loosely called "Colonial", not anything special, based on what I see.

Check it carefully for labels, post photos of the construction, please.

As storage, they are nice, but hard to sell because "Colonial" is out of fashion now.

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Agreeing with others. Looks to be maple, mid-century (20th century) colonial style.

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