hand carved wood drunk leaning on lamp post music box

chris1116July 7, 2012

i have a hand carved wood drunk leaning ob a lamp it musical and he looks like he,s whisling, theres also a stamp engraved on the bottom and on the back where you would open it the stamp is abird with initials K B OR K 6 not sure the bird seems to to be sitting on 3 three little mountains about 19 inches high

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And the music box plays "How Dry I am"?
The drunk on the lamp post is/was a recurring theme in souvenir items...Some plugged in and were a bar light, others just were and still others were a music box. ANRI made some.
I don't know Kbork.....try googling.
Linda C

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Thank for he reply, the kb or rb is the markng on bottom
with a bird. I changed the photo so you can see the marking.

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If you look, it says Zurich on that back stamp.
See the link for your guy in action!

Here is a link that might be useful: drunk whistler.

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thanks, so much. it looks like the same type but do you have any idear on where info would be in english or what type of peoples deal in this if i wanted too get it working again. don't want to break anything off by touching were im not supposed to touch,

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Same type?? Looks identical to me....well as identical as the Black Forest elves can make it.
It's tourist stuff....someone picket that up in a souvenir shop in Switzerland....not worth a lot.
A watch maker or repairer could likely get it working again...or maybe not.
Linked below is another one....didn't sell on eBay ( I wonder why!)...you might email the seller and compare notes....apparently not so rare as that's now 3 I see with just a little searching.

Here is a link that might be useful: ebay listing

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Google "wooden automatron"....and whistling automaton....and carved drunk automaton....
There are lots and lots of similar figures out there....and variations on.....and they are priced all over the ball park....some selling for over $1,000....some not getting bids for $150.
It seems the bird indicates that the figure whistles.....some have a battery to light the light post.....but all are very collectable....there are websites devoted to automatron collectors.
do some searching!....make friends with some of the collectors and find out where to get it repaired.

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