Can one get furniture appraisals online by sending pictures?

panspipesJuly 20, 2010

I have a MASSIVE antique dresser I need to sell. It is hand carved mahogany with burled wood and lots of very intricate inlay patterns. It's over 6ft long and 2ft deep and I drive a beetle. I am broke (or I wouldn't be selling it) so I don't have the means to take it to an appraiser. The only identifying marks on it are a few series of numbers, some stamped, some stenciled in white paint. Does anybody have any thoughts on how to find it's value so I can auction it on craigslist or something? Thank you for your time.

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You can't get a good appraisal from just pictures.
And be aware that there are 2 kinds of for what the piece is "worth" and another for what you could sell it for, quickly....and usually one is about twice the other.
a good appraiser will cost you something, and for your purposes may not be worth the cost.
Say an appraiser comes to your house....charges you say $300, says the piece is worth $6,000 but for quick sale only about $3,500....and you do manage to sell it on Craig's List for $ that worth $1200 selling a piece that would be worth $6,000 in the proper venue?

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There is a site on the web, I'm not sure but I think it's called "What's it worth". They give you an appraisal based on your picture. You could also check ebay and see if they have anything similar and see what it is selling for. Also, you could post a picture here and someone might have some idea. Sometimes Lindac is pretty good at that or some of the other people that post here might have an idea. You could also call Sotheby's, Christie's or Bonham's and they might give you some advice.

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I would suggest posting a picture here....and at least find the words to search yourself for what it might be worth.
Huge Burled carved mahogany will give you a lot of hist....if you could boil it down to period or some other descriptive words, that would help.
Linda C

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Thank you for your time and responses. I've just spent the past two days emptying this behemoth. Decades of memories and junk. I will post a few pix in here soon. Thanks Again!!!

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No matter what it's worth I am sorry you have to sell it. Life is tough and not fair at times, don't be taken advantage of. And don't tell anyone you wouldn't sell it unless you had to. But you know that already, God bless.

Best of luck!

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