Help ID a chair

the_chopJuly 6, 2010

Been looking for over a week so far and can't seem to figure out what I bought. So I found this message board and thought it couldn't hurt.

Photos are here

I picked it up at a thrift store in New England. Don't know much about it at all. One person said it may be a spinning chair and another said they think it is a tiller's chair. That's it. Any info you may have would be helpful.


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It's a plank seated chair....not necessarily for a particular use. could have been used for weaving or spinning or tending the fire or just for sitting.
Linda C

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How far off the ground is the seat located?

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Its lower than a modern or conventional chair but higher than a milking chair. High enough for a short adult. Dont have a tape measure.

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It could have been used with a draw shave bench.

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I think it may be some punishment chair.

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