Smooth Away hair remover

dilly_dallyMarch 6, 2009

Let me review my experience with Smooth Away.

It's one of those "as seen on TV" items. I am always suspicious of them.

This is basically a sandpaper for removing fine hair. The box was $10 an has two sizes of sandpaper pads and plastic holders.

It worked just as it said! All the fine hair from chin and upper lip - GONE. I used it around my eyebrows for strays - it worked!

I was afraid it would make my skin red and abraded but it did not for me.

It did leave some gray residue from the gray pad but it washed right off.

The hair grows back fine and not stubby like when shaved and there is not chance of a chemical burn like with depilatories.

I'm going to keep the smaller one in my car for those times I notice hair glinting in the sunlight in the RV mirror.

The item does say 'Made In China' just to let you know in case that is an important piece of info for anyone.

So far I am happy with the product. I have not tried it on legs or bikini area yet.

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I tried one of those type hair removers and I ended up with chapped skin on my upper lip. I don't have much hair there to speak of just a bit of fuzz that has darkened slightly with age. I'm glad it worked for you.

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I bought it too! Havent tried it yet because each time I think to try it, I'm just out of the shower and it says not to use on damp skin.

I dont know what I'd use the little ones for; I really dont have facial hair, besides the two little chin hairs that pop up every now and then; I pluck those out!

My friend tried it and said it worked good for her.

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I tried it years and years ago. Stupid!!!! Didn't work for me, and since I did so much woodworking at that time, I knew right away, that it was simply ordinary run-of-the-mill sandpaper, sold in any hardware store. I believe the grit is probably 600. Trust me -- it's EXACTLY THE SAME, only theirs cost 500% more.

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: ) sarah, you got it in one - before they hit the mass media, they were 3M wet/dry sandpaper, but they realized that the stuff lasts too long, so they replaced it with cheaper stuff

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Thanks for the tip that it is the same sandpaper that is sold in hardware stores. Now I do not have to buy the "replacement pads". I had suspected that it was regular sandpaper but did not have a clue as to the type or brand. If only I had read this before I bought the Smooth Away I would have just bought the sandpaper instead!

I am satisfied with the product for fine hair removal. It does not work well for leg/arm hair I found, now that I have gone ahead and tried it.

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Is 600 grit really, really fine? I would try some from the hardware store.

Thanks Dillydally. I have been wondering about that product. Maybe sandpaper is made in the USA!

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I know 00 sandpaper is fine. I use it to smooth calluses
off my feet. It is about the finest. Have not tried it for
hair removal though.


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