Value of 1920s ish bedroom set

hopmomJuly 2, 2011

Can anyone tell me the value of this bedroom set inherited from my grandparents? It includes a curved sleigh bed, dresser with mirror, wardrobe, chair and luggage rack. I also have a smoking table with metal insert used with the set as a side table. Pictures:

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We don't do appraisals here....
Worth or value is very subjective....depends on where you are...if you are looking to sell it quickly or want to establish a value for estate purposes or for replacement value.
But let me say that looks like a high quality set in wonderful original condition, and that style seems to be in increasing demand.
The little smoking stand should have some value as a piece from that period that you never see any more.
Do some research on ebay and other auction sites.
Linda C

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Thanks, lindac -- I am in MA and am thinking of selling it, buthave no idea of its value. I have been looking on ebay and Craigslist, but don't see anything comparable, and I don't want to sell it blindly. Would you say that it is walnut? And maybe vintage 1920s? I agree that the smoking stand may have some value.

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The other question is how you want to sell it, and as Linda says, how fast. For illustrative purposes, if you drive it over to your local Value Village it would be gone very quickly and you would get zero for it. If you post it on craigslist, the lower the price, the faster it will go. Generally the most you will get on craigslist is about half what someone expects to pay in a store.

If you take it to a consignment or antique dealer, it may sell slowly but for a relatively high price, although you will only get half of that. The reason for that is that someone else does the selling work for you and stores it until it sells. If you've ever sold (or bought) anything on craigslist you'll appreciate the service a store provides, from showing the piece at the buyer's convenience to processing a payment. Not to mention loading into someone's car.

Ebay prices may be more like a store, but you have to deal with shipping... and with the luck factor - could go very low if you have no reserve!

You also have to consider whether you want to sell as a set or individual pieces. I really like the tall cabinet, the dresser maybe not so much, and double beds are definitely a niche market these days.

OK, so what would I pay for it?? $400 for the cabinet, $250 for the dresser, $200 for the smoking stand, and $125 for the bed. Note: this is not an appraisal, but a hypothetical buyer, so I may even be lowballing, esp on the cabinet. You should probably ask more to start with, and gauge the response. A dealer who sells for you on consignment might be the only person as motivated as you to get the highest price possible.

The voice of ignorance asks, why is this a smoking stand and not a night stand?


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The interior door is metal, no? It serves as a humidor of sorts and that is one thing marking it as a smoking stand. Once, when smoking was considered a genteel pastime, smoking stands were a very popular piece of furniture. One doesn't see them a lot anymore and they are pretty popular in the antique market.

That is not a sleigh bed but in the corbeille style. Nice set and seems to be in pretty good shape. The modern mattresses do not fit them really well. I have a similar bed in my master bedroom, love it and just grin and bear it when changing sheets.

How much would it cost you to buy a modern bedroom set, made of 100% wood? I don't flinch too much at prices on nearly antique ones when I consider the price of a new set. If they are would seem ashamed to break up a set and I would prefer a set of matching furniture anyday to a conglomeration of pieces. (even though I do decorate that way to use pieces I love).

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A himidor has a place inside for a damp sponge to keep cigars stored inside from drying out. Not saying what you have isn't a humidor, but I don't think so. Does it have a little sort of cage on the top of the inside compartment that might hold a damp sponge?
What I know it as is a smoking stand, designed to safely storea sh trays that might have a smoldering butt inside.....and to keep the whole messy evidence of smoking out of sight....and not incidentally...smell.
My grandmother had one....Grandpa smoked cigars and Grandma was constantly fretting over that nasty ash tray and the smell of it, so it got stashed in the smoking cabinet.

I would say your bedroom set is closer to 1930 than looks like mahogany veneer, book matched, and as Calliope said, corbielle bed.
The "cabinet" looks like a chifferobe....are there drawers behind one of the doors?
As for the size of the bed....just call it an oversized single!

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Thanks for all of the information -- this is very helpful. I am not in a rush to sell it, but thinking about it. I was using it in my guest room (photo with blue walls) but since having kids, it has been collecting dust in the basement. Although, I am using the cabinet in my office.

The smoking stand does have an insert inside the door of the metal (copper) box -- and there is actually a sponge still in it. The cabinet does have three drawers behind the left door and the other side has a rod for hanging (very short) clothes.

I will look into some local antique dealers/consignment shops -- and I would probably prefer to sell it as a set -- I would think that would be a selling point. Although, I may decide to hold onto the cabinet.

Thanks again! I actually have several nice antiques that I got from my grandparent's home -- I'll have to read more of these threads to learn more.

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I think you'll do better splitting up the set. Very few people want an entire set of something, unless it's an incredibly rare antique. Beds are hard to sell, because they're usually not big enough for modern mattresses.

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I also saw a nice Bokhara carpet in one of the pictures...treat that well!
Linda C

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If I may offer an opinion on the wood. The smoking stand is mahogany veneer while the rest of the furniture, to me, looks like walnut veneer. Nice veneer (burl and crotch) may I add. To find this kind of veneer used today, one would have to look at Stickly or some other maker of fine furniture. The only drawback is this period is not as universally popular as some other periods.

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Agree with this opinon. A good deal of popular furniture from this era is walnut or walnut veneered. Honestly, 20s/30s furniture is one of my favs and I suspect it's not as popular as it deserves to be since it's still fairly abundant. Mature adults end up with their parents' or g'parents' sets. Give it time...... even a decade, and I think sets like this will be quite in demand.

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I agree. You're looking at a mahogany on the humidor cabinet, and the other pieces are walnut.

The casters on the armoire are consistent with those used in the 20's and 30's, so you're probably right in the ball park with the bedroom pieces. There isn't enough detail in the photo to tell if they are wood or metal casters, or if they are post or toe cup, so it's difficult to be precise. The shape and offset is all I can go on.

The humidor cabinet does appear to have been made some time later though. It's difficult to tell without seeing some of the construction points up close, but my first guess would be more in the mid 30's to mid 40's range.

Of course, that's just an educated guess based on the hinge works, knob, and turns.

Being a furniture man, IMHO, I wouldn't be too concerned about keeping them as a full set either. The humidor cabinet stands pretty much alone. The dresser/mirror and armoire might sell together, although they would probably fetch more as single units. The only other 2 pieces that might have some value are the chair and headboard (without the footboard).

You wouldn't get much for the chair, but if it fits your style, it might make a really nice entryway/nook/hall chair if it were modestly re-touched and a padded seat added. :-)

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