lipstick and whiter looking teeth

mzmintMarch 22, 2003

Which color in lipstick makes teeth appear whiter? Is it the mauves or the oranges. Anyone remember, I cannot. thanks

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I'm guessing, but I'd think the mauves. I'd think orange would bring out the yellow rather than contrast it.

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It is the shades with the bluest hues. Look at a shade and try to determine if it is more purple or more orange. If it is more purple, it is a blue based color and will make teeth appear whiter. The best you can do is find a red shade with a blue base.


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I have found that a good raspberry color gloss is the best. It has the 'blue' undertones to it and is very complimentary to all skin tones plus makes the teeth look whiter.

I'd avoid the orange-y liptones. Peach is pretty but sometimes it washes out the complexion and makes teeth appear less white.

- darkeyedgirl

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I wear a deep red..just short of any purple tint. It's really a pain to find. But it makes my teeth look very white. I never wear lipstick with any hint of orange. Bright pink doesn't hurt teeth color, but the deep maroon (not quite maroon)LOL red is very nice.
Also a little darker base makeup helps too.

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My rep. just told me that Avon has new lipsticks coming out that make teeth look whiter/brighter in another month or so. All have blue tone ie. plumberry, cranberry, violet. These lipsticks also have fresh mint scent.

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Thanks... I think I have lots of orange tone and thought it was not the best

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