CatKozMarch 12, 2006

Has anybody out there had Thermage ?

What did you think of it ?

Did it hurt ?

Were you satisfied with the results ?

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What is "thermage?"

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It's a non-surgical procedure for lifting and tightening skin. Sort ofa non-surgical face lift.


Here is a link that might be useful: Thermage equipment manufacturer's website

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The nurse at my dermatologist's office had it done about six months ago and she looks fabulous! She did say it was painful but was fine the next day. Oh what perks she gets from that job! Everyone in that office looks great.

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I work with a very attractive woman in her late fifties who had this done about a year ago and while I haven't done it myself, I can attest to it being pretty darn effective on her. If a noninvasive approach appeals to you then this would be a good option. Based on her results I'm looking into having it done myself. What's really great about it is that it firms up your skin without changing your natural features which is what I find so creepy about traditional plastic surgery. It's like you leave with a different face and, unless you're disfigured in some way, I just don't get that. Anyway, Thermage, from what I've seen is pretty impressive. That's my two cents. Good luck.

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