Swirl, Tap, Buff BUST!

lisbMarch 15, 2006

I got my sample of Bare Minerals last week. Boy am I disappointed! My face looks bare alright... like I never applied anything to it. I guess it's just not for me. Does anyone know of a good pressed powder foundation for sensitive skin? Besides not covering, Bare Minerals made an absolute mess all over my sink.

Thanks for your help, Lis.

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No no no.....don't give up yet! I found that it took me about 2 weeks to get "the touch" to apply the Bare Minerals just right. I think I was applying it too lightly, I used a little heavier hand (more powder) and was very satisfied. I also changed colors - I went one shade darker - and am now comletely satisfied. Also, after a couple of weeks you'll get neater - I used to be wiping up all over the vanity - now I just need one tissue underneath it all and when I'm through, I just fold up the tissue and throw it away. You just kind of get the hang of it after a bit.

Bare Minerals is, I think, a more sheer, lighter look than what some people may be used to. I was always looking to cover blotches and have a real heavy duty coverage, but this is just a different, more natural look. I suppose maybe its just not for you but just understand that its more natural - and that's a good thing! Heavy coverage isn't always the best look.

Whatever you finally decide, I'm sorry you spent money on something you don't care for. Its not cheap, I well know!

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Yes, please give it some practice. There are lots of benefits to it compared to liquid foundation or pressed powders.

I put a handtowel on the counter, but I'm an expert now - hardly any messes! I keep baby wipes handy and once a week or so I wipe all the jars off. I keep them in a plastic pencil box - all neat and clean.

You get to know how much to put on the brush - I've been using it a year now and find I'm putting almost the exact amount I need in the cap and put it on the brush so that hardly anything comes off when I tap.

I do have a friend who never got confident with using it. But I'm a real cosmetics girl - so I'm pretty handy with all makeup to begin with. Your mileage may vary - as they say!

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Lis, I have sensitive skin and have to be careful what I use. When I wear powder, Coty Airspun
translucent, I either lightly dust it over Estee Lauder DayWear moisturizer, Spotlight, or DayWear Plus. Spotlight helps even out skin tone, and DayWear Plus contains a sheer tint.


Here is a link that might be useful: Spotlight

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Physicians Forumla now has mineral foundation, both a loose and pressed powder. and also a liquid mineral foundation

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It seems that what I'm being told is that Bare Minerals WON'T actually cover blemishes or skin discoloration as the infomercial would have you believe. Hmmm. Well, fortunately I only bought a small sample size so I didn't waste much money. Thanks for the tip about Physicians Formula terriks, I'll look into it.

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I didn't say that. They have foundation and cover-up. I use only the foundation, which does cover my reddish areas. But it sounds like you just didn't put enough on.

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I have very fair skin and a few sun blotches (I'm 57 years old and I never had good skin and it didn't get any better with age, LOL). I just dab a bit of extra foundation on the blotches after I'm done applying foundation, and I feel good about the way it covers.

You know, I don't mean to be trying to talk you into anything, Lis, I'm just sharing my own experience. I am one of those clumsy type people who isn't good at hair and makeup and I'll never be a fashion plate or a woman who looks like she stepped from a page out of a magazine (unless it was "Housefrau Daily" or something :-) but I feel comfortable and good about the way I look.

Good luck, I hope you find the right cosmetics to make you look good and feel good.

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Use the concealer brush and a little of your lighter foundation and water or a dab of moisturizer to make your " concealer" to cover pimples or extremely red skin. Also there is a huge board of tips and tricks advice etc on the delphi forums. I did a google search and found it (beaddicts). There are other mineral lines as well that offer heavier coverage and cheaper prices. Check out the dropdown menu on the addicts page for mineral mania. I hope you start to like your makeup better! I know I expected alot from the BE and it did not look flawless as they showed on the infomercial.BUT I do like the look better than the liquid and my skin is breaking out alot less so you just have to decide which is best for you. Good luck!

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I agree that there is a little bit of a learning curve with Bare Minerals, but like other posters I seemed to have mastered it in about a week. I, too, had the wrong foundational color at first (Medium Beige), but when I adjusted to the lighter Medium it all clicked in. The trick is to use not too much or not too little--and this just takes some practice. The right amount covers my redness and the occasional blemish. BTW, last night my dear sweet ancient cat walked on my face, I startled her by actually waking up, and as a result I have a scratch this morning. A little extra foundation and Bisque applied with a small brush hid it almost entirely. This stuff really does work. Also, I hate the sink mess but I put all the Minerals in a little decorative box cover that sits on the sink as I apply, and it completely contains any mess I make and can be cleaned out weekly and replaced if necessary. Good luck!

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It could also be the brand. Bare Minerals did not do it for me. I was the Queen of Shine, even with that top stuff you put on.
I just started using Aromaleigh at the suggestion of a friend. It works best with a good moisturizer (or sun screen, which is what I use), and goes on wonderfully. No shine, good coverage. It has a slightly different forumulation, so it takes a different technique to get the look of bare skin, but it looks wonderful. The eyeshadows are very sheer and the eyeshadow colors very extensive and their colorations very creative.


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I'm testing out the Physicians Formula for the first time today. So far I like it. Goes on good and I like the color. I'm going to have my DD try it to see how it works with her oily skin. Hope I continue to be impressed, it certainly is a lot cheaper than BM.

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I found the Physicians Formula to be less shiny than the BM also.

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I'm liking PF and think I will continue to use it. DD hasn't tried it yet. I'm really curious how it will do with her oily skin. Donna

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I second the recommendation for Aromaleigh over Bare Minerals.

Not only is it half the cost it does not contain Bismuth Oxycloride which can cause irritation for many woman. Bismuth also gives that shiny glow that requires Mineral Veil to tamp down.

I have Rosacea and have actually stopped using my prescription cream because the Zinc Oxide in Aromaleigh has hugely helped my redness and breakouts. My nose and cheeks are still redder than a normal persons but far better than they were.

Mineral make up will cover discolorations and blemishes if used correctly.

If you are getting the minerals all over the place you have too much in the brush.

The Bare Minerals kabuki brush is also much harsher than the Aromaleigh one.

Aromaleigh's Viole is for oily skin and Glissade for dry.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aromaleigh

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I have tried the BM, and the newer brand, Sheer Cover, and I am sticking with Physicians Formula! Their mineral based line is not as "glimmery" as the others, nor as messy. I did have to go and invest in a really good soft brush, nice big fluffy one, but it was well worth it. And of course, the cost is so much nicer! I tried these because of my extremely sensitive skin and gotta hide the wrinkles and pores. Now, no breakouts and I get alot of compliments on how I look. Big endorsement here from me, especially for the mature skin.

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I use one I found on the Delphi Forums called Valerie Beauty. LOve it. Way better coverage than BM, plus Val is a dear to work with in helping find what you're loooking for. I'm pretty oily, and after three or four months of use, I'm still loving it. Here's a link to her site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Valerie Beauty

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If you have not seen or tried Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics you might like to. Great colors, wonderful coverage and really easy to use. She sells a great small sponge that you can use dampened to smooth any problems you have with brushing in the minerals. This has helped me to look practically poreless, and believe me that is almost like magic to me. Also sells a fabulous hydrating spray that you can spray on your face after you put on your mineral makeup and it refreshes your whole face.

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Kat, thanks for the heads up on Jane Iredale. I have been trying several brands lately, and I am still looking for the perfect one. Iredale is actually sold within 80 miles of my home, so I am planning a road trip to check this out.
Bare Minerals was not color perfect, and very messy, Physicians formula is good, but over time extremely drying, and Sheer cover is a BM copy almost exactly. Am still waiting on my samples from Valerie's so cannot comment there.
Will keep you posted after the ROAD TRIP!!!

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