Any info on the 'Perfect Flame' grill from Lowes?

joecrabbDecember 2, 2005

I was looking at the grills at Lowes today and they are offering one by "Perfect Flame". It has 4 burners plus a rotisserie burner and a side burner. The unique thing about it is that it has a split lid forming two distinct cooking areas. They are offering it for $569. I have never heard of this manufacturer but the grill seems nice (wide cast iron grates, infrared rotisserie burner) and the price is nice. Does anyone have any info on this model, good or bad?

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Good Day,

I just bought that grill 3 days ago and I love it!!!
It has great storage and the it heats up very nicely. The side burner works great also. I haven't used the rotisserie yet, but I plan to this weekend!

It replaced my Fiesta Optima XL that I bought a year ago and it has out performed it in every way.

I hope this info helps.

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Thanks RNTB

I'm still looking at it, my concern is that the split sides are not connected, can you heat up one side and cook on the other side as indirect heat? I like the Great Outdoor 5 burner grill layout, but they use the stainless rod type grates and I love the cast iron grates on the Perfect Flame.

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I just saw this grill at Lowes yesterday & was impressed. When I checked the Lowes website, Perfect Flame grills are not listed. As a matter of fact, I can't find that brand at all on the internet.

Who is the manufacturer? I'd love to buy one of these in the Dallas area.

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Cooked a few marinated chicken breasts on it for the first time this evening. I tested/heated it for 5 to 10 min. It hit 400+ inside of 5 min. Lit without any issues. It is a quality product. If my opinion changes I will post soon. But I highly recommend this grill, hope it isn't already sold out in your area 8-)... It is in mine. No buyer's remorse on this purchase. Enjoy!

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Is there any information inside the box on who is the manufacturer, and where to buy replacement parts for Perfect Flame Grills?

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We bought perfect flame grill from lowes back in the way it cooks, BUT am very disappointed that it is rusting already...we have it in safe area (on concrete, covered when not in use) for the price we paid I just thought it would remain looking nice has been showing signs of rust since Jan...thing is it isnt even our humid season it going to have to be replace because of looks so soon????Stainless should do better?Any ideas what I can put on it to make looking good last longer???

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Good Evening All,

I just wanted to update everyone on my Grill. I've had it going on a little more than 4 months now and I have to say, it still the best grill I ever owned!!

Luckily I haven't had any problems with rust and it does get splashed by my sprinkler system and also has been rained on a couple of times.

The rotisserie works great and the split top design is awesome.... Matter of fact just got done grilling steaks on the right side and hot dogs on the other!

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Perfect Flame grills are made in China for Lowe's as there house brand. The same manufacturer makes BBQ Grillware also sold at Lowe's.

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This grill is made by Lucas Innovations in China, like Lowes other store brand grills the BBQ Grillware. Bought mine the other day and like the duel chambers. The review I read a review stating that it was made with cheaper porcelain and stainless steel. I want some acc for it i.e. a griddle to place on one side.

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We bought this grill in January and I really like it. I noticed that Lowe's has dropped the price from $569 to $499 and I think that is a great price for this grill. It's very impressive looking and we get a lot of compliments on it - but really I just love the way it cooks. We are in Houston and I use the grill nearly every day.

We have a small family of 4 so we only use 1/2 of the grill most days - but it's nice to have the other 1/2 available when we entertain.

After purchasing the grill we decided to build an outdoor kitchen and I'm trying to decide to do since I really want a built-in. I don't know if there is a way to convert this grill to a built-in or not.

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I just bought a Perfect Flame grill yesterday. I put it together this morning in about 1.5 hours. One of the things I noticed was the head unit has a better build quality and would be easy to convert to a built in. I was disappointed however in the quality of the stainless steel. They used lower quality 400 series stainless steel rather then the non-magnetic corrosion resistant 304. I'll need to get some stainless steel polish to keep it looking good.

I fired it up and timed it 300 in 3 minutes, 400 in 5, and 550 in 15 minute. The built in temp gauge was acurate to within 15 degrees to one I put on the grill.

So, that's where I am now. Got some steaks waiting to test it out this afternoon!

Hope this helps ya

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I just purchased one of these grills from Lowes. It seems like a really good buy. When I turn it on one burner it works fine. However, as I turn on additional burners I get a loud whining sound. Has any one else had this problem?

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I have the natural gas model. The dual cooking area is great. I had one damaged piece and one piece incorrectly manufactured so the door does not fit correctly. I have been waiting two months after I was told I would have the parts in 10 days.

Then the side burner flashed back and was burning at he oraface under the grill. Burnt a spot on the surface and could have burnt the inlet gas line. This could have been a catastrophy. Lowe's has told me to contact Perfect Flamme. I am waiting.

The jury is still out!


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I used to get the whining sound if the tank was getting low on propane occasionally.

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Go to this web site for a complete review of this grill... -

Even with its cons this is the grill for us. Thanks to everyone here for their reviews as the way, this is a Lowes brand, made in...where else? CHINA!

Happy grilling...

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I bought the Perfect flame #13133. The rotisserie they recomend (and the only one they sell for it) is model # 101484. Problem is, it doesn't fix. You can't close the door because the mounting brack on the non motorized side is too tall even if mounted on it's lowest setting. I may have to make my own screw holes in the BBQ to make it fix.

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I too just bought the Perfect Flame 13133 and the same rotisserie as greg222. Same problem, however I did ignore the instruction set that has you mounting the right hand bracket on the inside? I reversed it and dropped it down to its lowest setting while using a different size screw and nut as the ones it came with were to small. Doing that on both sides and it just barely fits. Actually it still drags a bit on the cover but I think with a little tweaking I will fix that. I did not want to drill any more holes in the side so I hope this works.

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Without any exaggeration at all, this is simply the best quality and designed gas grill I have ever purchased- IN MY LIFE. I spent months and months doing the necessary research on such an important purchase and all collected and analyzed data POINTED TO THIS GRILL. This grill features a grate on which to place food being cooked, it has a lid that is cleverly hinged to keep food covered (for primarily sanitary reasons) and TO KEEP HEAT IN WHILE COOKING- HOW CLEVER IS THAT?, it has easy to use, ergonomically designed, dials that allow you to most carefully dial in the EXACT amount of gas to the incredible burners. THIS GRILL IS A PIECE OF ART. When I brought it home, my neigbors all rushed over to inspect and then ADMIRE this beautiful piece of grilling machinery.

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I am comparing the Perfect Flame 3-burner model with the Ducane 3-burner model from Home Depot. Anyone have any thoughts or opinions for one brand over the other?



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perfect flame 4 burner is a great grill! We love it! However, as someone mentioned earlier, the rotisserie (?) attachment leaves alot to be desired. The lid of the grill rubbed up against the rod and it became disconnected. I had to prop open the top lid to allow the spit to rotate. Too bad they didn't design a little notch in the lid to accomodate this problem

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Update on a couple of things...

First, the Pyromagic link above doesn't seem to work. I've included an update below that hopefully will get you there. If that doesn't work for you, try - it's the old link but it's the only way that I've been able to get to their site consistently.

On using a rotisserie with the SLG2006B grill, I finally found someone at Pyromagic that could give me the steps to make it work. (No one at Lowe's had a clue, and my first couple of calls to Pyromagic didn't get me any info either.) I'm using the BBQ Grillware Rotisserie Kit, #101484, and once you have the answers things go together and it works!

The key is to only use the rotisserie motor bracket that comes with the grill - do not use either of the brackets that come with the rotisserie kit! The rotisserie motor slides onto the bracket and sits at the right height, and all that's needed on the right side of the spit rod is the roller/collar to ride on the grill frame. (Again, no bracket needed on the right side...)

Also, since the counterweight is too long, simply slide it up to get the clearance that you need and tighten it in place between the handle and the threaded washer on the right side of spit rod. (If you need to use it at all.)

Since I just ran across the how-to this afternoon, I haven't actually used the setup yet, but everything functions as you'd expect with the lid fully closed! I do notice that the motor bracket seems a bit flimsy, but it looks to be pretty simple to block the motor or the motor bracket to keep it level should the weight on the spit rod cause it to deflect a bit. I think that we'll try a chicken or two over the weekend - I'll update if there's any additional info.

Hope this helps!

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I bought the two-grill type from Lowes in their Labor Day after-season sale. I've used it with propane and natural gas (simple jet conversion). It's a great grill, powerful, versatile, roomy.

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A question to joninrockies. You bought the two grill type and are able to convert it from Propane to Natural Gas? The guys at Lowes told me that I have to do either or, it was not able to be converted from one to the other. Is this easy to do?

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I got a Perfect Flame Tabletop grill from Lowes in July. I love the style and quality of materials but the Model GST1811 is very poorly designed for cooking because the heat difuser and cooking surface are too close at less than one inch. Having it so close make it very spotty on cooking too much in one area and not enough in another. I started using the additional shelf that adds about 3 or so inches in cooking hight and that helps but it is too small and the room above too little to make it a keeper. I will try to return in shortly.

For cooking, grade F+, for looks and quality of materials, B+ since the screw on of the gas is very difficult.

I sure wish it cooked better because I love its looks and portability.

Too bad!

S King

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I need a owners manual and a drip drawer for the 55,500 BTU 3 burner perfect flame - any ideas?

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Good Evening Everyone,

Just another update. Cooked on this sucker all summer long and it still kicks butt....

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I have the BBQ Grillware One burner gas grill which is great for our patio home. However I need a replacement flame deflector & no longer have the owner's manual. Does anyone have a contact number or email address for BBQ grillware?

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I just bought the 4 burner 1811 unit with Natural Gas connections. So far, I have not been able to get the temperature above 350 with all burners on high. Seems like a very expensive low-temperature oven.

Are there additional regulators on this unit? Placing my hand above any burner barely warms my's not very hot. If I did that on my Thermador gas stove I'd be in the hospital now. Anyone else had this experience? So far, I'd grade it a F------!

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if it has a regulator on it take it off ... anytime i've seen a grill with any kind of problem with natural gas it has always been the regulator ..... don't worry about too much fuel the gas is already regulated at the meter ... if it dosn't have a reg. it may have be set up for propane

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I am having the same exact issue as Frump. Any other natural gas owners out there with this issue? Any resolution?

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We just purchased the four burner Split-Lit Model # 720-0335. I have a concern about the quality of the unit. When we went to pick the unit up the draws were not functionable (they were too tight and the screws holding in the tracks were chewing up the rollers. After an hour of trying to fix this at the store I decided to accept the unit as is, then Lowes personnel broke the unit trying to put in in my Truck. Now they are delivering it on Saturday. Any other quality concerns? Should I look at another grill?

Also How do I find out more information on these ceramic burners? What are they used for? (I'm replacing a 15 year old grill). The books with the grill assume I'm a grill master and make no mention of how to best utlize them.


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I have had my PF grill now for about 18 months. I was initially impressed by the price ($439) as well as what appeared to be decent stainless steel. HA!
My evaluation now, shop around some more before you buy this Chinese crap. The most unsatisfactory thing is that after this short time, 3 of the burner tubes have cracked at the end and dropped making it almost unusable. The "stainless" lid rusts, drawer doesn't slide anymore and the side burner doesn't get hot enough to do anything but warm a pot. I'm not going to mention what I had to go through to jerry-rig the thing to get the rotisserie to work acceptably.
The grill has had use roughly once per week and is kept under a patio roof out of the elements. I took what I thought would be a step up to a SS unit to eliminate the replacement of the smaller WallyWorld units every 3-4 years. At this point, I don't think this unit is worth any of the additional price. Typical Lowes ......... they won't stand behind it.

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Do not buy this grill or any Perfect Flame Grill. They offer a 10 year warranty on burners. My burners all 5 lasted 1 year. I have now called for my replacement burners. I was forced to provide proof of purchase despite the fact that I registered the product on line. I was told that the registration was for Quality Control purposes only. I processed the proof of purchase and placed a warranty claim. I was told the burners were on back order but would be in soon. I have followed up on my order every week. I have been told the parts are on back order and they have no way to know when they would arrive. It has now been 4 weeks the guy on the phone said I didn't need to follow up on my order unless it went another 3 or 4 weeks without receiving the parts. The excuse, this is last year grill and they are working on this years grill. Can you imaging exercising the warrantee 5 or 10 years after purchase? You will never receive your parts.

The grill looks great. Performs great but will not hold up. I have basically lost $400 by buying this grill. Do not buy this grill or any other Perfect flame grill.

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ok, I bought the 4 burner/two sided grill fall 06. Cannot get the temp past 350%, how do you clean this monster. It is rusting also. I thank the spirits...I only paid $250..guess they really wanted to get rid of this chinese monster......Help

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I need some help as well with this grill...can't find my this grill supposed to have lava rocks or ceramic bricks in the bottom?

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Perfect flame grill will not heat up past 350 degrees I reset excees safety flow valve and still same result?

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Yo Flowers~~ I have asked this same question and have not gotten an answer.
Do grills that have a heat shield over the ceramic burners need these? I used lava rocks and they made a mess. Last year I used a few well placed ceramic bricks and this worked much better. But I wonder if they are needed at all. Shouldn't the heat shield get hot enough to burn off any juices/fats before it gets on the burners?

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My purchase if this grill has been a HUGE disappointment! After only 8 months and about 12 uses the 'stainless steel ' burner tubes have started to crack. When trying to remove the bad tubes, the screws were so corroded that I had to drill them out. Only to find when I got to Lowes, that not only won't they stand behind this product, they don't carry replacement parts either. I would strongly suggest not buying this brand of gas grill and also I would think twice about buying any off brand products from Lowes.

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My Lowes Perfect Flame model SLG2006C has website www.LGSOURCING.COM ... I sent them asking for replacement knob - will see if they respond! The website says they are a subsidiary of Lowes...

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i was going to buy the perfect flame 5 burner65499/67119 until i heard of the problems with the brand. when buying any stainless grill, bring a magnet with you. a magnet will not stick to good stainless steel. if it sticks, it will rust!

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Mine hasn't worked yet. Their support is horrible. Called three weeks ago - service tech identified that I had a bad starter module. Before they would send me the part they made me fax my receipt (which I did), they then lost receipt, called them back, made me fax it again, lost it again, called again, gave me a different fax number, faxed it again, then informed me that the part was on backorder. Asked for faster shipping - told me no. I am told to expect my part to make my new grill work in four more weeks. Horrible! Stay away.

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i just bought the 3 burner perfect flame on memorial day. spend 1 hour putting it together, thank god i had a screw gun, and it worked great. 3 days later, the burners barely lit and the temp got the maybe 200. tried put a new gas tank, but nothing. i'm getting rid off this piece of junk. maybe i'll spend the extra $100 and get the weber?

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I am considering buying from Lowes the Perfect Flame ('BBQ Grillware') One Burner Gas Grill, a vertical 'Pedestal' model. I saw it on display at Lowes and it seems to be the perfect (small) size and I like that it is vertical. But it uses propane cylindars (like used in a camp stove) rather than tanks. The cylindars are inexpensive ($2.50) and the salesman said they last 5 hours. I realize that I will have to replace them frequently but that is okay. Does anyone out there have experience with this model or have any comments, pro or con? Attached is the URL to Lowes showing this grill. Thanks!

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Avoid Perfect Flame from Lowes

Bought the model SLG2006G six burner grill about 20 months ago. While the grill cooked well, the burners have rotted out and because of they way they are put in, the screws cannot be removed to take them out.

It is a Lowes exclusive, but lowes doesn't even carry parts for it.

Customer service appears to be a joke.

Get a Weber, at least they have parts available at many locations.

To hell with Lowes and its Perfect Flame

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Addendum to above post.

The grill was bought April 2, 2006. Even worse than I thought.

But after being on the phone for 45 min, finally got someone. With proof of purchase, they'll send five new burners. But I have to deal with five frozen screws.

Not well made or well designed.

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The wife & I purchased one of these Perfect Flame model #720-0335 gas grilles from lowes in april of 2007.

We have used all the burners and the additional Jenn Air rotiss bar and motor.

We are already in need of new flame tamer bars and will need new cooking grids before this summer season is over.

I am not happy with the porcelin coated cooking grids and flame tamer panels.I am now in the process of seeking out stainless steel replacements.

I wish we would have spent a little more money and purchased the Jenn Air, but the wife like this perfect flame model because of the price.

If you want my advise, buy a Jenn Air

We had lowes put our perfect flame model grille together. The cabinet is not correctly level and the doors and drawers are off center and rub.
To avoid this possible problem You may want to put yours new grille together yourself.

Thank You.

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uh-oh......guess what I just bought yesterday?? I sure wish I had checked things out here first. I think maybe I'll take it back before we use it again. It wasn't cheap.....and if is not going to hold up, I sure don't need it!

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Well, I cooked burgers on it one night for dinner and it did a great job. But then after reading this thread, I started looking closely at the grill. There was already signs of rust on the edge of the lid, around the bolts, and around where the lid handle attaches. I took it back to lowes yesterday and got a refund. I replaced it with a Blue Ember grill from Home depot which got wonderful reviews in consumer reports and on the web at other sites.

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I too have purchased the Perfect Flame #720-0335 in May 07. It cooks great but all of a sudden the igniter stopped working. I replaced the battery, Checked all the contacts and made sure everything was clean but to no avail. As I am writing this review, I've been on hold with customer service for over 40 some odd minuets! I can tell that this is going to be a long story. Im not certain about the future of this grill. I do like it but... Will it last? That's yet to be seen.

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We got a perfect flame grill model 720-0335 if there is any one out there that has one I would like to know how long you have had it and how it is holding out for you

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In May of 2006 I purchased the Perfect Flame 2 sided, 2 lids model GSC3318. I was happy with it until today. Over the past few days its been hot. I smelled propane and figured it was the tank relief valve. Well I was wrong. It was the side burner valve leaking. I took a closer look and took the burner off. I sprayed the soap liquid on the end of the valve where the gas comes out to mix with the air. It bubbled slowly. I took the valve apart and could not see why it would fail. Does anyone know where I can get a new one or anything about these valves. It looks fine. Inside there is an up side down cone looking thing with a spring and some gray oily substance around it. It looks like the spring would hold the cone down and I am thinking with the heat it may have put so much pressure on the spring it is now not holding it down tight. Anyway after reading the stuff here I think my troubles are only starting. I think I will just cap off the end so I can use the grill. Who uses the side burner anyway. Here I thought at 569 I was getting this large grill at a deal. I imagined Tony Soprano would have something like it in his yard. I guess when Lowes sold these grills to us it was them saying " Bada-Bing! ".

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I just bought the Perfect Flame 242608, which is made by Nexgrill and has: 3 normal burners under 1 lid, 1 radiant burner under a second lid, a side burner, and a rotisserie burner.

Thus far, my impression is of an excellent quality unit. My previous grill was a Weber Platinum. The Perfect flame is as good or much better in almost all respects thus far. The only areas the Weber beats it are the little plastic spider blockers and the stainless flavorizer bars (vs. porcelain on steel).

When assembling the grill I noted that is is made of 304 stainless steel, not the cheaper stuff. Warranteed for life. The burners are also stainless and warranteed for life. The steel is medium to heavy gauge. The lid is double layered to reduce the chance of bluing.

Everything went together as it should; the instructions are great and the parts are perfectly packaged and labeled. I was expecting less, to be frank. I was very surprised and happy to see the quality and care taken to package the unit as well. The box is big, and weighs 265lb. This is not a lightweight grill!

Performance-wise, the searing burner section is amazing. Much juicier steaks in less time than on the weber. The "normal" section works well too, about on par with the weber, although I think the weber may have had more controllable flame heat... but that could just be me getting used to the new grill.

My only disappointment was that the side burner uses a manual piezo ignitor instead of sharing the battery powered unit that the other burners use. Don't know why this is so?? Anyway, it works.

Overall I'm very happy with this unit. For $450 (on sale at Lowes from $597) it is an absolute bargain. Quality and features worth double that, I think. The materials and finish are on par with the Jenn Air brand (also made by Nexgrill and sold at Lowes). The Rotisserie part number spec'd for the Perfect Flame is the Jenn-Air unit! Bought it too, and it works well.

I'd encourage anyone looking for a high quality stainless grill to check this unit out. Don't worry about the brand name, it is a very good unit. I'd wager that in a few years Perfect Flame will be considered a high quality brand name grill if they keep this level of quality and value going.

With regard to parts replacement, there are toll free numbers in the manual to get them from Nexgrill. The manual has details on how to change, clean and adjust burners. Perhaps the older units (not made by nexgrill) are not as good or as serviceable? This one certainly appears to be serviceable and is of high enough quality that I do not expect to have to do so anyway.

(I do expect to replace the porcelain covered flavour bars with stainless after a year or two, but that will be simple since they are a common aftermarket part.)

best regards,


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We stopped in today at Lowe's and also saw the TEC bbq by Charbroil? and they JennAirs. Does anyone have feedback on eitehr of these units? I'm not thrilled hearing about Lowe's customer service.

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Follow up. It was the regulator not the valve. All fixed.

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Four weeks later after requesting replacement burners under warranty, I'm still waiting for the replacement burners.

It is rusting and generally falling apart after one year.

Stay away from perfect flame, it is a perfect piece of crap.

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After less than 6 months, my burners are rusted out. I decided not to mess with the warranty after reading this page. I found some non-OEM replacements online for $28/per.

Guess what? The screws on my old burners are rusted, so I can't get them off. Talk about frustrating!!!

Oh, well... it was good while it lasted. I LOVED this grill before it rusted through.

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we have the 720-0335 and love it! It cooks very well and heats up quickly. You do have to wipe it down every time you use it. Grease will splatter (yes, even on the lid) and when grease bakes in the sun, it looks like rust and can adhere rather well to the grill. Pledge works great.

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Assembled this thing Friday, the ignitor stopped working Sunday.

...judgecutioner, did you get this issue resolved and how?


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Heads up!
After being on hold with customer service for over 45 minutes I finally talked to a representative. I Let him know that the igniter was shot. No problem, I had to fax over the receipt. (That part of it is a pain) Since the grill is only under 2 months old it was still under the warranty. Believe it or not, A new igniter via UPS arrived in about 2 1/2 weeks. Removal and installation is easy. All is well for now but... I see that there will be other issues later! You must be very adamant about maintaining this grill or you'll be shopping for a new one soon. I still like this grill, It cooks well for me. Although, Next time I will consider a Jen-air.

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Help please, I bought the 3 burner model of Perfect Flame and even on the low setting, everything burns. The grills are too close to the heat shield. I replaced a lesser model with this stainless steel model. The old grill did a better job. What can I do? I have tried indirect grilling with mixed results. Any suggestions?

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Hello, we just purchased a condo that does not allow gas grills. Lowes has an electric outdoor grill for $199.00. Looks good but wonder if anyone has this grill and how well it works. The grill is by Perfect Flame and most of the reports here are on the gas grills. Thanks for any response.

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I have the 4 burner two lid grill by Perfect Flame. Yesterday I was grilling burgers and I came out to flip them. I touched the front panel and my fingers literally stuck to the panel burning the skin off of my fingertips! Beware! The grill is barely 8 months old! And the igniter stopped working after about a month. I'm going to Lowes tonight to show them my fingers and find out what they plan on doing about it.

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I recently purchased (as seen on receipt):

271575 E3520-LPG
Stainless Split-Lid LP GA
598.00 Discounted -119.60
Total: 478.40

I cannot find any information on this after surfing a bit and would like some opinions on it. So far its working fine, however it has an electric ignitor and when the far left burner is on, I cannot light any other burners by simply turning them on with the knob...I have to manually ignite each one with the ignitor. I thought this was kinda odd, and after reading about so many ignitors going bad after such a short timespan I thought it best to ask here.

I have 30 days to return the grill, and I may do so if no one else can find any info on it! Its odd that nothing comes up when I type in Lowes item number 271575...

Thanks for any and all input!

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I have the 4 burner natural gas unit. I have the same problem as others. Can't get it to heat over 350 degrees with all burners on. I haven't seen an answer to this problem. There is no regulator in this unit and it doesn't seem to get enough gas. My other BBQ worked OK, so don't think it is the gas line. The flex attach line doesn't have any kinks in it. Any answers to this problem??

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Larry n,

I have the same problem,, I did come to find a kink in the line. I have the 5 burner unit SLG2007DN natural gas. Under the infared where the ng line goes to the distribution pipe there is a 2nd black hose that feeds to the main part of the unit. There is a height difference in the 2 connection points and the hose is kinked due to its length. I am trying to find a shorter hose or much longer and create a service loop on it.

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I was seriously considering buying a model 241317 4-burner + side burner -- all parts "stainless steel". A magnet stuck to ALL parts, including the cooking surfaces! I called the customer support line and they admitted that it is "powder-coated" stainless steel-- in other words a microscopic coating of stainless on top of regular steel. You're better off with a painted surface which can be retouched. The bottom line is that Lowe's is bordering on deception when they sell a product like this, and should be called on it.

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Thanks for the tip on the rubber hose. I disconnected that and ran the main flex line directly to the main burner line. This by-passed the side burner. The unit heated up much faster but the temp gauge still did not get past 350 deg. There must be another problem. I am going to check the gas pressure at the end of the flex line. Still seems like there is not enough gas coming through. I could try cooking a steak on it to give it the ultimate test to see how long that takes. It used to take an hour.

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Guys, everyone says how difficult it is to get replacement parts for the Perfect Flame Grills, and several people mention they 'found non-OEM parts online' or 'the phone number for NexGrill' is in the manual. Would it be TOO much to ask, for those of us who are not pyschic or no longer have the manual, to actually include in your post the website address where the parts can be found or the actual phone number to call?

I have a Perfect Flam grill with a defective valve, which prevents any of the burners from lighting, rendering it useless (6 months old).

Any help in locating a replacement valve would be appreciated!

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I bought one today, seems nice enough. I'm not getting as much pressure from the household Propane line as I think I should, but the old grill had a similar problem.

The fit and finish seems pretty good, and everything works as assembled by Lowes. I haven't cooked anything yet, but I did run it through the 20-minute burn-in to get rid of any manufacturing solvents.

The only problem I've had so far is related to the rotisserie. The bracket with the recommended kit doesn't fit. It was also missing the forks when I opened to assemble. The forks are easy enough, but the manual doesn't have a part shown for the rotisserie bracket that is grill specific.

I've found a couple of references that say that this grill (Lowes #271575, Model E3520-LPG) is manufactured by Nexgrill. I left a message for customer service on the website (the link below). They don't have anything specific on the page that mentions the Lowes grill, though.

The number in my manual is: 800-444-6742 and is in the US, Eastern Time Zone.

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I also just purchased the split lid E3520 grill and the recommended rotissiere from Lowes, which is a Jenn Aire product. As stated before, it does not fit this grill. The mount for the motor does not line up with the screw holes on the grill and I do not want to drill into my brand new grill. If anyone knows what to do about this, let me know.

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I still haven't found out why my NG BBQ will not get hotter than 350deg. I now suspect the control valves may have the wrong orifices. If they are the ones for propane they would have a smaller orifice and would cause such a problem. Has anyone determined that this may be the cause? It would seem there would be a notice on this if this is true. It is not a safety issue so a recall may not be required.

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I removed one of the valves and found the orifice marked as 1.4mm., that is about .055 inches. Information I have found on the internet about NG orifices says this should be around .078 inches. That may be the reason it is not getting hotter. I will do more checking with BBQ suppliers.

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My grill just went up in flames. I don't know why. I was cooking steaks at 550 deg. I had them on for just a few minutes on one side flipped them over and after a minute or so on the second side the undercoating of the lid caught on fire and dropped on my steaks. Too bad it wasn't hot dogs!

I am so shocked, I don't know what to do with the grill now! By the way, I have used the grill without any of the above problems for 9 months.

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At first I loved my perfect flame 3 burner grill. Now it is barely a year old and I have used it probably less than 20 times and all three burners are cracked and spew flames. Customer service is terrible. There is a ten year warranty on the burners but they will do nothing without a reciept. To totally insult you with "enjoy your grill!" at the end of every email as part of the corrispondance. I would love to "enjoy my grill" if it f__ing worked.

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My "Perfect Flame" grill did the same thing jeffstkbkr. It was a perfect flame all right I just did not think it was going to incenerate itself as well as the ribs I had on it. Now after a thorough cleaning it no longer will light 4 burners at once. I can get two to light but they barely get hot.

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Perfect Flame bbqs are a dangerous product m'fctrd by BBQTek. The 'customer service' is insulting, at best. My 1 1/2 year old grill caught fire while in normal use. The knobs melded to the metal behind it. Everything in the utility drawer was incinerated. Everything is burned beyond recognition within the shell. After viewing my photos and receipt, they were 'proud to offer me replacement parts at a 50% discount'!! What incredible nerve! There have been recalls on other PF units and I plan to contact Consumer Product Safety Commission and anyone else I can dig up. I will also go back to Lowe's with my emails from the company and see if they will make good now (they had me call the company) since this is their 'house brand'. I see I am not the only one with this sort of incident. Keep calling the company and report it to whatever agencies you can. They can't keep putting people and their homes in danger.

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I bought the SLG2006c grill from Lowes about 2 years ago. Customer service is a JOKE. All of my burners cracked and broke in less than a year. The grill sucks. STEER CLEAR. "Perfect Flame" does not stack up to "Char Broil" and other grill manufacturers. Only buy "Perfect" Flame if you want a perfect disaster.

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to brookst45

Mine did the exact same thing and have gotten knowwhere with anybody on this.

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In August of 2006, my parents bought a SLG2006CN Perfect Flame 5 burner model for my husband's big birthday. The night after first using it, we were awakened by our neighbor banging on our door to tell us the grill was on fire. Long story short is that the Lowe's had improperly assembled the natural gas line. They replaced it, but our own plumber found the same assembly defect in the new grill. We had it fixed and have used it with no problem until Sunday - Father's Day. My husband turned the grill on and went inside. Within minutes, there was a roaring fire in the grill which was spewing black smoke out the back and from under the hood. Immediately we turned off the gas, leaving the hood closed...but after several long minutes during which we could hear metal buckling, the fire was only partly diminished, so my husband pulled out the utility drawer. Everything in there was on fire. We were able to douse it with water.

These stories seem to be about various models of Perfect Flame grills - has anyone else had trouble with this particular model? Is anyone interested in a class action???

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We purchased the Perfect Flame 4-Burner LP Gas Grill at Lowes in May of 2007. Model number SLG2007B. After 13 months all four of the burners have rotted out and we need to replace the bracket they attach to because we cannot get the bolts off. The grill was used 2-3 times per week and kept covered when not in use. The replacement parts are not carried by Lowes and they have to be special ordered to the tune of about $160.00. We purchased this grill, cover and tank for about $350.00. We have purchased less expensive grills at Lowes in the past and they have lasted 2-3 years and were not covered on our patio. I am very dissapointed in the Perfect Flame. I would rather buy a less expensive grill and replace it every year or two if necessary.

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Ok, I work at Lowes and sell these grills. What I'm about to say, I mean in the nicest way possible. I will try to help you. Honestly. You just have to listen. I may try to joke around a may be a little sarcastic, but I promise I want to help you.

Ok first of all....5 burners going out at once? I find that hard to believe. have you ever heard of a regulator? They cost $20 and are about as hard to put on as a water hose. At my store, we usually have extras lying around and unless you are a complete a-hole , I'll give you one if I have one.

Rotisserie problems.....we only sell one and it's universal fit. Like one size fits all gloves.They fit some better than others. If a rotisserie was custom made, it would cost much more (see Jenn Air). I did a chicken like this once and with all the time and pulling the guts out and the taste....well now I just get them at the grocery store for $5...maybe you guys are better at it than me.

Burners rusting/needing parts later.....they are imports from China. Lowes has no book or website for getting parts. You must keep that manual.That is your only reference.There are books and websites for CharBroil, Jenn Air and Weber. Sorry but thats just the way it is. YOU bought a cheap grill thats hard to get parts for. You really do get what you pay for.Now if you come in and arent a complete a-hole, we will usually try to find a way to help you. Now here's a tip, listen close. You come in on Saturday July 5th at noon, we are probably gonna be super busy. Not trying to tell you how to shop but if you come in on a tuesday at 8am or even 3pm, you'll probably get more attention to your problem. That probably angers some of you, but again, I'm just trying to help you.

Did you keep the reciept? That helps.....that shows you bought it from us and that you are a customer and gives us a reference as to what you bought and when.Dont just assume we have all your info in some mythical computer that shows everything that every citizen has ever bought. Can you imagine what the ACLU would do if we tried to have one? Jesus. WHo has a computer like this anyway. It's not our job to keep up with you business. Dont just say I bought it last year and then describe something that no one has ever heard of.

Ok get ready cause this is inside info. IF you gotta a reciept, and we still sell the model in question, we CAN order replacement parts. We would need the serial number. If one of our floor models gets damaged and if some scum bag steals parts off of it, this is one way we replace them. This can be done for you, but only a certain employee can do it. I'm not gonna tell you who cause I've probably said enough to get me fired,but they dont work on weekends.Just keep in mind though, legally as the warranty is written, the warranty is between YOU and PERFECT FLAME. I know that angers some but that is the truth. I dont think I should have to pay for cheese on my whopper if they take all the veggies off, but I dont set policy at Burger KIng.

Flames shooting out......Ok this is a safety issue. We will always take back something like this unless it's like 20 years old or something. Reciepts help, but arent always necessary. Stuff like this is always investigated. We dont want anyone getting hurt. This is how recalls happen.We are always more than happy to assist you with this, even at noon on July 5th.

Dont try to rig anything. It voids your warranty. We arent allowed to help you rig it either.

Rust......rust is the oxidation of metal when exposed to moisture. Moisture can come from direct contact with water, humidity from the air or gosh darn it....did you know that propane has trace elements of H2O in it? Now i'm just a lowly clerk....I cant control the weather....yet. But we sell covers starting at$12. Can't really do anything about the humidity except maybe move to Arizona. I dont know what else to tell you but a cheap grill has cheap stainless steel. Cheap stainless steel will rust. Spend more for quality or buy one that isnt stainless.

Just a theory but since propane is a by product from the production of gasoline and some gases are better than others.......could there maybe be better qualities of propane. I asking really. Maybe some brands have more moisture in them.

All this being said, we sell hundreds with no problem at all.But as someone who sells them, there are many more problems with perfect flame.

Caveat emptor.

Hopefully this helps someone. Weber is the way to go if you ask me.

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Run, don't walk, away from Perfect Flame. My gill caught fire this evening. The whole thing is ruined. Aside from the grill the worst damage was char marks on my deck. I was doing ribs on low heat, went inside to get a Coke and came back out to find flames coming from under the hood. I shut the gas off at the tank but it just kept getting hotter. The sides of the hood melted and burned. Does anyone know if they use magnisium in the construction of these grills? It looked like there was a flare going off and water just made it worse. I think I'll go with a Jenn Air or Weber next time. "Perfect Flame" indeed!

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Hey I want to thank everyone, especially the lowes guy for being honest about these grills! I am trying to buy one for my dad today and I was shopping for hours. Everywhere I went (Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, Sears) No one knew anything about these damn grills. They were looking at it just like me, not knowing anything about them, and simply reading off the sales card. That was a bit frusterating but after reading this site, I have certainly decided NOT to go with a perfect flame grill. Does anyone have any info on KENMORE?? That was my next choice, because a good propane weber with a side burner is $700 and I was looking to spend around 500 or so.

Thanks again!


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First, I love the post by Brent1826; love it! I almost went into a mild panic while reading some of these postings since I just purchased mine a few hours ago. I purchased model 276964L; 4 burner with side burner. Mine was made in Ontario, Canada by a company called Onward Manufacturing Company; it seems they make gas grills for many of the biggest names in gas grills.. so that eased my mind a bit.. for now.
If anyone has any other information on this particular grill, I would deeply appreciate any feedback!!

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Yes Sean, I also worked at Sears through 3 presidential administrations. Kenmore....there is no Kenmore. Someone else makes them and Sears just puts their sticker on everything. When I was there, Sunbeam made alot of them, but they also had some that were cheap imports as well. The trick is finding someone in Sears that knows what they are talking about. Good luck with that. The same situation applies here that would apply to Lowes grills. You'll get what you pay for.

As far as parts down the road. "Kenmore" probably wont be as hard to get as Perfect flame. Just dont expext to be able to walk in Sears and get parts. They'll send you over to that parts house. Or you can call that 800 number in the sky. 1 800 366 7278. WOW can you believe I still remember the number after being gone for 4 years? I wouldnt call them though. My GOD, you wanna talk about ineffiency. They DO have a pretty good user friendly parts site. Here's the kicker, you gotta keep the manual. It has your model number. Some grills may have the number, but not all did when I was there.Plus , who knows how much longer Sears will be around. Have you seen their stock prices lately? I sold all of mine at $170 a share. It was $74 today. If you knew the things I knew about Sears. Cheap bastards. They dont know how to treat people.

Weber is a great choice. What do you wanna use the side burner for? Lowe's has Webers on their website that we dont carry in stores. Check that out. If you really gotta have a side burner, we sell a free standing side burner for $119. You will not go wrong with weber, I promise. Dont look at it as $200 for a side burner, it's $200 for quality and piece of mind. Find out who makes the Kenmore you are interested in. That is the catylist in this equation.

Char-Broil makes a pretty good grill. Parts are pretty easy to get, and there are 2 at Lowes that fit your price point.
Check out the 271572. it has a sideburner and it's $499.

Hope this helps.

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My Perfect Flame Grill SLG2006B all of my burners burned out which caused the grill to catch fire. I have been on hold for bbqtech for hrs now they require a reciept from 2 yrs ago, and now they said they have lost it. The thing that sucks is 2 of my neighbors bought the same grill and had the same problem. I guess I will have to suck it up and buy some other kind of grill. I have been reading and man everyone has had problems

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"Posted by deere1937 (My Page) on Mon, Jul 7, 08 at 21:59

Run, don't walk, away from Perfect Flame. My gill caught fire this evening. The whole thing is ruined. Aside from the grill the worst damage was char marks on my deck. I was doing ribs on low heat, went inside to get a Coke and came back out to find flames coming from under the hood. I shut the gas off at the tank but it just kept getting hotter. The sides of the hood melted and burned. Does anyone know if they use magnisium in the construction of these grills? It looked like there was a flare going off and water just made it worse. I think I'll go with a Jenn Air or Weber next time. "Perfect Flame" indeed!"

To answer the question, Yes, and against the recomendations of employees, the Owner himself decided to save money by using an Magnesium Alloy instead of real Aluminum.

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I have been on this website for over an hour; reading all these postings about the Perfect Flame grills. All these were about gas grills; I didn't see anything on charcoal grills, so I guess I will start that discussion.
My wife and son bought a Perfect Flame grill from where else, Lowes. They got it home and on Fathers Day, I took it out from under the blanket that was hiding it (too big for wrapping paper, lol). I had the pleasure of putting it together. As I took it out of the box; matching each part to the parts list in the manual, I noticed two parts that were bent. I looked at the box; but there were no dings and the parts were between styrofoam, so I concluded that it happened before shipping. No big deal; I put it together anyway. After I got it together; I thought it looked real sharp and I decided to test it a couple times, before inviting friends for dinner. The only problem that I encountered; was that the charcoal pan was not exactly level and nothing I could do would get it exactly level, but it didn't really affect the performance. So; I invited my friends over for dinner. They all commented on how sharp my grill looked and asked all kinds of questions, since they had never heard the name before. I lit off the charcoal and went in the house for the steaks (3" thick Porterhouse). When I came back out; the paint on the grill had caught fire. By the time all was said and done; the door to the charcoal pan was warped, the rubber caps on the tops of the legs were completely melted, and the paint was burned off the front of the grill and on the lid, as well as inside the grill. The grill was made of a thin metal and I don't think they used high temp paint on it.
The grill looks terrible; but it is still functional, so I am still using it. But after reading all these posts; I have come to the conclusion that I will most likely have to replace it by the time grilling season starts next year. From now on; I will be getting either a Weber or Char-Broil. I had a Char-Broil dual function grill for three years and loved it. I was able to use either charcoal or propane; all I had to do was remove the charcoal pan and put in the burner guard (to keep the grease off the hot burner). I would like to find another one of those if I can; but from the looks of things, I will have to get a charcoal grill and a seperate propane grill.
Either way; I will never get a Perfect Flame grill again.

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FYI there is a recall on 2 perfect flame grills right now. One is a safety recall. One is the $299 split lid with rotisserie.

And with charcoal grills, if the paint caught fire, it got too hot.Plain simple fact. Now what caused it to get too hot.....thats anyones guess.Cheap paint? Maybe, not enough info to comment on. Was it the grill with the marble top? Or was it the grill with the fire pan that you can raise and lower? Were you cooking with wood or charcoal? If it was wood, what type of wood were you using? Lighter fluid or no? If it was the grill with the raising heat pan and you used fluid, fluid can miss the pan and just lay in the bottom. With the intense heat ABOVE the pool of fluid, you have an explosion waiting to happen. Just one theory.

Not many problems with charcoal though. We probably sell 100 gas grills for every 1 charcoal. And that being said, i've seen webers come back with burned off paint. A 700 to 800 degree fire doesnt care how much you paid for the grill....the paint is coming off.

If nothing else, you I really encourage you to take it back to Lowes in case there is some sort of safety flaw. That is how we learn about recalls. Dont be the guy who says he kept cooking on it AFTER he had a close call.

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buy cheap and what you get is cheap. This grill was awesome for about three months. It is however, very cheaply made and rusts out quickly and there are no replacement parts at Lowes - customer service is non existant. In my opinion, spend the extra $100 and get something that will last more than one season.

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I owe this site $650. I was ready to go out and buy that $650 NG split top grill this morning, but HELLZ NAW!

I'd also like to respond to Brent, the Lowes guy:

1. Lowes does have a Database on EVERYTHING you buy from them. I work in database marketing for a major company and I can tell you without question that Lowes spends millions of dollars maintaining a database on everything you purchase. If you buy something online from them they also know everything you browse. This is not an ACLU issue because it is their right to know how their customers purchase. It's called "Market Basket Analysis" if you'd like to read up for more info.

2. We expect Lowes to maintain its brand image by selling us only good quality merchandise at all price levels. I go to Lowes expecting to find quality merchandise, not the cheapest stuff out there. I can go to Wallymart or a flea market and buy a gas grill but I want the selection offered by Lowes. It's like the difference between buying a used car at a Lexus dealership vs a local used car lot. I'm not going to find a $2,000 car at the Lexus lot, but I know whatever car I buy (and whichever brand) it will run and be free of defects, because that's the experience offered by the Lexus brand.

3. I expect my grill to run the way it is marketed. Stainless should mean stainless, as in "will not rust". It should be able to operate at any heat range it can output. Why make a grill that can get to 700' when it melts at that temp? Why sell a rotisserie that doesn't work perfectly? Why should I need additional regulators and pieces of equipment?

4. I expect great service every day and every hour you are open. You are being paid to help customers. Leave your bad attitude at home. The Lowes experience should include friendly, helpful associates who take time to help a customer. I put myself through college working at Menards and now I have an MBA and I have learned that helping customers is what makes a business successful.

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Our Perfect Flame grill worked great till last night, it melted.
It was NOT the recalled model.
It was model SLG2006C and we purchased it in July 2006.
I started 2 of the 5 burners, 7 minutes later it was in flames shooting out from all sides. The knobs and sides melted.
Today I took the grill and receipt back to Lowe's and they gave me a full store credit.
Good luck to everyone else.

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I had a grill fire on 08/04/2008 one day prior to product recall. This item was brought at Lowes and manufactured by Lucas Innovations. As you can see by the photo album there was some property damage to the new deck and vinyl siding. Lowes accepts no responsibility for defective merchandise it sells other then issuing a full refund of the item. Lucas Innovations says that as I temporarily stepped away from the grill I voided the warranty. They are not taking responsibility for manufacturing a hazardous item, made with hoses that are too thin, and grill pans with too much magnesium. A normal household fire extinguisher could not put out the fire and intense heat from a fire 6" away from the house melted the vinyl. The Fire Department put out the fire with a special extinguisher.
As I seacrhed the web for information on this grill I noticed that there are over 175 "reported" fire with the CPSC whow ifich I reported to. But there are a multitude of forums where there have been fires from not only this grill but other Perfect Flame Grills also.
I would like to know if you had a fire, Did you report it to the CPSC, did you have property damage, did you return you grill to Lowes (I still have mine), did you contact Lucas Innovations? Do you have photos?
Please respond to

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This is the final answer I received from Lucas Innovations, needless to say with the damage done amounting to approximately $3000.00 to siding & deck; other action will have to be taken.

See photo's here:

After looking at the pictures, our organization concludes that the grill property damage is not covered under warranty. From the pictures we can see that the grill was left unattended for extended amount of time.

As indicated in the users manual the grill should NEVER, under any circumstance be left alone when it is in use and must not be placed under any overhead enclosures and combustible items and surfaces should be at least 24 inches away from the grill at all times.

If you have your owner's manual, you can read on page 3 and 4 regarding warranty coverage, it states:


1. This grill is for outside use only. It should not be used in a building, garage or any other enclosed area.

2. The use of alcohol, prescription or non-prescription drugs may impair an individuals ability to properly assemble or safely operate this appliance.

3. Always open the grill lid carefully and slowly as heat and steam trapped within the grill could cause severe burns.

4. Always place your grill on a hard and level surface far away from combustible materials and structures. An asphalt or blacktop surface may not be acceptable for this purpose.

5. Do not leave a lit grill unattended.

6. Keep children and pets away from the grill at all times.

7. This is not a tabletop grill. Do not place this grill on any type of tabletop surface.

8. Do not use the grill in high winds.

9. This grill must be used with propane gas only (propane gas cylinder not included).

10. Do not attempt to attach this grill to the self-contained propane system of a camper, trailer, motor home or house.

11. Do not use charcoal or lighter fluid.

12 Do not use gasoline, kerosene or alcohol for lighting. The LP-gas supply cylinder must be constructed and marked in accordance with the specifications for propane gas cylinders of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) CFR 49.

13. This outdoor gas appliance is not intended to be installed in or on recreation vehicles and/or boats.

14. Do not attempt to move the grill while it is lit.

15. Do not use the grill unless it is COMPLETELY assembled and all parts are securely fastened and tightened.

16. Keep combustible items and surfaces at least 24 inches away from the grill at all times. DO NOT use this gas grill or any gas product under any overhead enclosure or near any unprotected combustible constructions.

17. Do not use in an explosive atmosphere. Keep grill area clear and free from combustible materials, gasoline and other flammable vapors and liquids.

18. Do not attempt to use or assemble with missing or damaged parts. Contact customer service for replacement part.

CAUTION-Prevention of Burns

1. To avoid burns, do not touch metal parts of the grill until they have completely cooled for at least 45 minutes or unless you are wearing protective gear such as pot holders, protective gloves or mittens.

2. Do not alter the grill in any manner.

3. Clean and inspect the hose before each use. If there is evidence of abrasion, wear, cuts or leaks, the hose must be replaced prior to operation. The replacement hose assembly should be in accordance with the manufacturers specifications.

4. Move gas hoses as far away as possible from hot surfaces and dripping hot grease.

5. Never keep a filled gas container in a hot car or car trunk. Heat will cause the gas pressure to increase, which could open the relief valve and allow gas to escape. Safe Locations For Use Of This Outdoor Grill


Never use this outdoor grill inside any building, garage, shed or breezeway, or inside any boat, trailer or recreational vehicle to prevent a possible fire and to prevent the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning or asphyxiation.


Do not use this appliance under overhead combustible surface or covered area (e.g., awnings, umbrellas, porches or gazeboes).

Always confirm that this grill is not positioned under the overhang of a house, a garage or other structure before lighting it.

An overhang will serve to deflect flare-ups and radiated heat into the structure itself, which could result in a fire.

Always confirm that this grill is positioned more than 24 inches (61 cm) away from any combustible materials or surface before lighting it, and that no gasoline or other volatile substances are stored in the vicinity of this grill.

(See diagram to right). The temperature of a grease fire or of the radiated heat might otherwise be sufficient to ignite nearby combustible or volatile substances.

Always locate this grill where there will be ample combustion and ventilation air, but never position it in the direct path of a strong wind.

Never allow the grill to operate while unattended to prevent uncontrolled grease fires from erupting.

Never attempt to move this grill while it is in operation or while it is still hot to prevent possible personal injury.

Never store or use gasoline or other flammable or volatile substances in the vicinity of this grill or in the vicinity of any other heat-generating appliance because of the danger of starting a fire.

Always confirm that the installation of this grill conforms with the requirements of all local codes or, in the absence of applicable local codes, with either the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223. NFPA 54 or CAN/CGA-B149.2.

Sam Bedi

Customer Service Representative

Tel: 1-877-885-8227 ext.202

Fax: 1-877-925-8203

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I just bought the Perfect Flame charcoal version from Lowes. I love cooking on a wood fire or at least charcoal, not gas. I am certainly impressed with the quality of the grill especially for the price. The adjustable tray allows the fire to be moved close or far away from the meat and the temp gauge is very accurate. I went through the normal seasoning drills and have cooked several meals on the grill. The air flow is adjustable from two top level ports and two side windows. A heavy front door is very nice, heavy and allows access to the fire. With all air flow closed, the grill runs at the upper end of the minimum heat desired for slow cooking and smoking dinner. I love the heavy duty coated grates the meat lays on and the cooking area is very big and allows for a bunch of food to cook at once. So far, I am very happy and impressed with this grill. I have been a Weber man for 20 years, and this perfect flame grill has moved into first place. Highly recommend this grill.

    Bookmark   September 25, 2008 at 2:51PM
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    Bookmark   March 24, 2009 at 11:18AM
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Good Morning!
Does anyone know how to get replacement parts for the Perfect Flame Model # 2010. This is also know as the R2D2 due to its shape. Its a great grill for the two of us. However I need to replace the burner plate ( goes over the flame ) and I cannot find one and Lowes isn't able to help either

    Bookmark   April 19, 2009 at 11:00AM
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I purchased a 3 burner Perfect Flame grill in September 2007. I loved the way it grilled but the stainless discolored on the front. The burner (all 3) cracked and or burned out this spring. I contacted the Lowes and they put me in touch with the warranty company. I was not impressed with the customer service of the warranty company(they wanted to charge me $30 to replace my burners under warranty). I contacted Lowes again and told them I was not happy about the $30 shipping and handling and they said bring the grill back with receipt and they would replace the grill. I have to say Lowes handled the return without a problem and I purchased a new grill from them the same day. I think if cleaning the inside of the grill make sure the burners are cooled off all the way this should extend the life of the burners.

    Bookmark   May 11, 2009 at 7:59PM
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We just received our replacement parts from slg recall lucas innovations on model 2007A. they replaced the burners and the lid. it took many phone calls and much patience and information. the recall center phone number is 1-888-840-9590. be prepared to wait and wait and wait.....
the company is a lowes copany - l.g. sourcing. n. wilkesboro north carolina (lucas innovation) they will send a form to you to fill out - it says you promise to dispose of the old stuff. hope this helps someone out there.

    Bookmark   May 5, 2011 at 5:27PM
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    Bookmark   May 10, 2011 at 1:03AM
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We purchased this grill in 2004 or 2005. We liked the double cook area, and it looked like a great grill for the price Lowes was asking. It was also assembled....big plus. We have been so pleased with this grill. We can cook two separate items at the same time due to the split lid. The burners light each time even after the years we've had it. It heats up quickly and cooks food nicely. We are very happy with our grill. We never received any recall notice. Maybe it was not for our model. The only problem we have is the stainless steel front rusts. I clean it up with a scrubber and wax it. So far so good. Was wondering there is anything else I should be doing to maintain the stainless?

    Bookmark   June 7, 2011 at 1:30PM
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I have been reading the reviews on the "Perfect Flame" gas grills. I am a hard core griller/BBQ'er with a penchant for keeping an eye out for old or used grills in good shape, that some idiot has decided to toss rather than restore. I live in upstate NY and grill outdoors year round.

I usually grill on my Weber Genesis 3000, about which I only have one complaint. I think I bought it in the late 1990's or 2000, and to date have had to replace the porcelein flavorizor bars and grills with stainless once, the burner tubes once and the thermometer two times. This grill simply won't die!!!! It just keeps on going and going and ............... I was warned before I bought it that I might find that it would last longer than I expected and that I might not be able to convince my wife to replace it as quickly as I might want to. Well I was warned......

That being said, with my Weber 3000, a Brinkman Side by Side charcoal smoker/grill, and a bullet wet smoker, I was looking at rehabbing a Perfect Flame I ran across for free if I wanted to pick it up. These reviews have led me to conclude that I probably should not interfere with that grill's arranged trip to the scrap dealer. I am better of keeping an eye out for another Weber "project grill" or some esoteric one like a "Traeger Grill" or a "Green Egg" .

Thanks for the warnings!!!!

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Run as fast as you can away from this grille. It is total junk. My rotted/rusted from the inside out and it lasted 1 summer. Complete garbage.

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My advise is to stay away. This is not a very durable grill. My belief is that the Chinese manufacturer has used a stainless steel but forgot to add the nickel to its content. It rusts very quickly. I talked to people at Lowe's but they were clueless simply suggested to use CLR. that did not work. My burners just stopped functioning but everything looks OK, no leaks, no OPD issue, no problem with venturis, has me stumped. Solution will be a new grill and my primary criteria will be "Made in US."

    Bookmark   July 29, 2011 at 3:20PM
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I bought the Model GSC3318 for my husband for Father's Day in 2005 or 2006. This grill has served us well through MANY big BBQ gatherings. We've used it to serve up to 80 people! I haven't been happy with the finish, especially the left surface (facing the BBQ) that started turning old-looking right away. We had a problem with the grease-catcher bowl missing its targeted drips for awhile. Finally figured out that there was something in the way and remedied that. But we've had no problems with the actual use of the unit. We've used the rotisserie (just for pork loin) and it worked perfectly. It's now fall of 2011 and have just had our first real problem: the burner tubes are splitting. So I'm off to Lowe's to see what they carry or what they're going to tell me. Considering all the use we've gotten out of this BBQ in six years, I think we've had a pretty good deal.

    Bookmark   September 23, 2011 at 1:59PM
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This posting is well after the fact, but an FYI on top of the hours worth of testimonials above to confirm the Perfect Flame GSC 3318 (side by side lids)was a complete waste of money. Contrary to that implied by the Lowes salesman, I did not purchase this unit because of price, I was furnishing a new house and simply liked the arrangement and size of the unit. Having had punted Home Depot years earlier to become a loyal Lowes customer based on their merchandise quality and customer service, it did not seem necessary to do a whole bunch of research. My mistake.

I purchased this grill in July of 2006 as a floor model. From the first use forward, the left hand side would light, then flash and whistle; kind of like the backflash sound of an acetylene torch. Due to my work load at the time, I had not time to pursue a fix and figured it was probably a simple adjustment. As winter approached, it was clear the heat output on the working side was not sufficient to offset the northern Michigan winter temperatures, and eventually I abandoned the grill on my front porch until now, fall of 2012. Oh, yes, as our Lowes friend suggested, I purchased a cover with the grill so it would be protected even though it was stainless steel and its home was a covered porch. Even so, the rusting "stainless" steel reared its ugly head about two years after this "grill" attained decoration status as a result of the high-quality cover I purchased dry rotting and blowing into the front yard.

So, six and one half years after the fact, my wive and I wheeled it into the garage and I was about to attempt to fix this engineering wonder and tribute to global trade, but after searching for a manual and reading an hours worth of negative postings,I am considering otherwise. Has anybody out there come to a similar juncture and successfully reconditioned or should I say rebuilt a similar unit with aftermarket parts? Anybody have a link to an owners manual? Mine is probably at the same location as my receipt, which is currently MIA along with all of my other paperwork from 2006.

Anyways, that is my experience to date. Congrats to those who did not get taken and have similar grills that work correctly. Shame on Lowes for joining or at least repeating Home Depot's race to the bottom with this product.

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Where can I purchase the smoker tray for my Perfect Flame E3520. Love my Grill, had it for 7 years and it still cooks great.

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