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jleo55March 24, 2007

I just had to get a haircut today, my hair was getting big and brushy. During the haircutting process, I started thinking all the different things that are involved with the salon atmosphere, everything thing that is caught up in the process. So, I decided to make this survey to see the different things that people do.

1.Do you call ahead and scheduled an appointment or do you just walk in and see if you can get in the same day?"

I schedule a haircut about once a month, because I have an A-line Bob, with a buzzed nape, and if I dont get a haircut, my neck gets really thick and it looks nasty.

2.When you walk into the salon, is your hair styled in its usually way or is thrown back in ponytail?

Well, since my hair is too short to throw in a ponytail, I put on a baseball cap to cover my horrible hair.

3.Do you read magazines when you are waiting or do you just stare blankly?

I read whatever magazine I can to make the time move faster, if I have to wait for a long time.

4.How long do you wait before you were taken to the chair?

My salon is really busy, but it really never takes more than fifteen minutes. Anyways I enjoy watch the going ons of the salon.

5. Do you get your hair wash or let them cut it dry?

I have never gotten a dry cut, because I love having my hair washed way too much to even branch away from it.

6. What color/pattern haircutting cape does your stylist use and far does it reach on you?

I love the cape, my stylist uses. ItÂs a kind of dull, iridescent pink. ItÂs so cute. The cape drapes down to the bottom of the chair and covers all the way down to my ankles. When I was told to tilt my head down, I could only see the tips of my boots coming from under it.

7.Do you like the feeling of the cutting cape?

I love the cool, silky feeling of them over my neck, arms and over my clothes. It has a heavy feeling to it, that I find really comforting. Also, like when it moves and it makes the Âwhooshing sound!

8. Do you put your hands under the cape or leave them outside of the cape?

After they put the cape on me, I keep them under, because I really hate when hair gets all over my arms and clothes. Anyways, they wouldnÂt put a cape on you, if they wanted you to have hair all over your clothes.

9. Do you put your hands on the armrest or on your lap?

I do both, sometimes I switch from either position. I tend to play with my fingers to help from making me talk with my hands. Though, if its cold in the salon, I leave them on the armrest, because it seems to be a little bit warmer.

  1. Do you place both feet on the footrest or cross your legs?

I put my feet together on the footrest, because I heard if you cross your legs, it misses up your stylist and you can end up with a crooked haircut.

11.Are you still when they are cutting your hair or act fidgety, tapping your feet or hands, playing with something under the cape, switching your body position around, talking with your hands?

I sit very still, my legs together, arms on the armrest and back against the chair. I found it relaxing to not be moving around, it makes me enjoy the experience even more.

12.Do you like it when they pump up the chair?

I love when they rise and lower the chair, I don't know why, but I like it.

13.Do close you eyes when they are cutting/or coloring your hair?

No, because I like to know what's going on at all times.

  1. Do you watch when hair that has been cut falls on the cape and slides down it?

Well, today I got a good trim today, so a lot of hair was falling. Most of it stays around my shoulders, but sometimes a piece will leave the pile and slide all the way down the cape to my lap.

  1. How much hair is on the floor when they are finished cutting?

ThereÂs not much, but enough on the floor to let other people know that I got a haircut.

  1. Does your stylist blow dry or use a Duster to wipe off the hair that has fallen on your neck?

She buttons the cape and sweeps my neck and shoulders with a duster and blow dries the hair that fell on the cape off.

  1. How long does it take to go through the whole salon process for you?

While today I went in for a shampoo, a cut, and blowdry, which took about 30 to 45 minutes to get me done.

  1. When you tip do you hand it to your stylist or to the receptionist?

I always hand it to the stylist, because I don't trust the receptionist to give it to the person taht cut my hair.

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