Anyone know about these plates?

anyname123July 30, 2014

Hey everyone, recently my grandmother found old plates in her house dated back to 1806 they belonged to my great great great grandmother. The plates are hand painted and are even painted in real gold (leaflets) at the time the price per plate was 69 pounds.

Here are the plates:

Plate 1 Front

Plate 1 Back

Plate 2 Front

Plate 2 Back

Can anyone tell me what these markings mean or if they know anything about the plates or relevant information leading to finding out about the plates e.g. a place to compare markings dated back around the 1800's


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There is mark similar to your "beehive" but it is called a shield & is Vienna Austria, Royal Vienna factory, hard paste 1850-1864 It looks like size of your mark but then a smaller mark almost identical is same factory painted blue, incised so I think they are talking about the mark & that is dated 1744-1820. It is an adaption of the center of the Coat-of Arms of the Hapsburg family.It came to be known as "beehive mark. So that is where I would look. -Kovels Marks book.

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Pretty! But how sure are you about the price of 69 pounds each? For the time, you could rent a decent house for a year for that kind of money.

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They are beautiful - relying heavily on mythological elements.

Wondered about that too - looking at old currency conversion charts, equivalent of 69 pounds in 1806 was @$500 USD. (Don't quote me on that) Was your triple great grandmother fabulously wealthy?

The 69 seems to be on a paper paster which could also indicate a seller's control/stock number.

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Or 6 shillings 9 pence?

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I'd go at it from the front ... look for plates from that era with this theme - identify who the mythological or fictional characters are, identify the way they were made (transfer ware, hand painted, both?) and see who was making them in that era.

One is a shepherdess and the other is a lute player? Golden apples?

I'd believe 6/9 (six shillings 9 pence) but 69 pounds would have bought you an entire service for 12.

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This may be a good place to start. This site might also be helpful.

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