Anyone tried Mattique by L'oreal?

phyllis_philodendronMarch 26, 2005

I've been limping along with an old bottle of Translucide (which they unfortunately discontinued eons ago) and I picked up some "Mattique" today at Eckerd. I noticed the Air Wear was already discontinued after less than 18 months on the market. (What's up with that?) A while ago L'Oreal had a thing on their website where they told you how to match your shade from your previously discontinued shade to a new one that was compatible. Can't find that anywhere now that I want it.

I tried this stuff in Beige Nude and I think it makes me look slightly orange. Has anyone else tried this brand and what do you think?

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Phyllis, I used to use Mattique and I liked it for the coverage and the matte look. I did find that at the end of the day, I think the color turned a bit orangey.

Nowadays, my skin is older (how did that happen, lol) and I find a more moist look is better - I look pretty dead with too much matte! I use L'Oreal Visible Coverage (recommended by a forum friend here, by the way) and it provides pretty good coverage which I need for blotches.

I know you're much younger than me, lucky girl!

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