Grill in Garage in Winter

wantoretire_didNovember 8, 2005

I really missed grilling outside the last 2 winters in upstate NY and am thinking about putting the grill in the garage. Is it unbearable to grill in the garage with the door open (excluding storms)? 3-4 months is a long time to have to go without :-(


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Why in the garage??? Why not outside?? You can put the meat on and run inside if you don't want to wear a coat....but around here people grill outside all year long....even during a snow storm.
I would worry about the smoke and grease and perhaps carbon dioxide in the garage....if you didn't leave the door open.
Linda C

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We always keep our grill in the garage and just wheel it out the door in nice weather and in snow or rain, keep it right in the open doorway. You can stand inside and stay dry, but you'll definitely need a coat, LOL. There's nothing more fun than grilling chicken in a snowstorm! If you have a station wagon, just open the tailgate and there's your seat :-)

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I am originally from the UK and most the grilling we ever did was standing in the garage..............

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Grilling in the garage sounds a little too much like a recipe for carbon monoxide poisoning, to me...

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The grill would be at the outside of the open garage door.


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There are just too many variables involved (gas "tightness" of house, house volume, garage volume, topology of home site, house configuration, wind direction, burner efficiency, lung efficiency of people, durations of the cooking event and many more) to answer your question. In many, perhaps most, situations its perfectly safe, in others it will be lethal.

Have you considered building shelter over the grill, like a picnic pavilion or gazebo for use in adverse weather. Having grown up in the central Adirondacks I understand NY winters, and would rather sacrifice my comfort in the sub zero temperatures then risk my family's lives.

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Garage door open or closed, if you do very much of this every suface inside will soon have a greasy coating on it.

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Thanks for your responses. I guess it was a bad idea.


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I don't understand why people think they need to stop grilling in the Winter. My Weber sits in the same spot outside year-round and I grill year round. I'm in Minnesota so I know all about the snow and cold. I keep the grill covered with the factory grill cover when not in use. Works great.

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A 4 unit condo burnt to the ground in only a few minutes. The fire department attribuited it to a gas .. propane...grill that had a leak or someone left the valve slightly opened at the burner.

The propane gas slowley leaked out into the garage and filled the wall cavities and garage when the lady opened her door to go to work, the flame from the hotwater tank, in her house, ignited the propane. She was lucky the door opened out and the blast slamed the door shut and protected her from the fire.

All four unites burnt to the ground and the people were lucky to get out with ther lives and only there cars.

PLEASE ....leave the grill outside ....
Be safe

PS my Kenmore cought fire from a failed hose connection... thank GOD it was outside.

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Please don't see me as a hard butt, but rather someone who not even think about grilling inside the garage (door open or not) due to the carbon monoxide issue. This potentially has deadly results.

I live in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle) with lots of wind and rain yet I still use a grill on my back deck. Like Lindac ...a little grilling a dashing out of rain or snow is no big deal. Exciting, yet safe. Otherwise, get one of those canopy thangs that have a cover but open sides.


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