Great way to find for petite clothing

fgoldbergMarch 8, 2007

Are you petite and having difficulty finding petite sized clothes? Check out this new Web site about petite clothing sources:

It has dozens of sources for petite and plus size petite clothes as well as small size shoes, petite maternity clothes and petite lingerie.

The links take you direct to the petite pages and petite sale items on-line. It even has info about petite celebrities. What do you think?

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Sinking the spam.

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Barnmom -
Perhaps I didn't explain my previous post as well as I should have. the site is not selling anything. It is an information resource for petite women that lists all the major sources of petite clothing in a conventient format. I thought this site would be of genuine interest to readers of this forum. I am getting nothing whatsoever from any of the retailers listed on the site. Check the page and see for yourself. Some of the the features are listed below:
* Provides a comprehensive list of links for all the major sources of petite clothing -- department
stores, chains like the Gap and Talbots, as well as one-of-a kind sources available on-line

* Tells you what brands are available from each source

* Takes you directly to the petites pages and petite sale merchandise for each store

* Sorts stores by price (economy, mid-level, and high-end) and size category (regular petites and
plus size petites)

* Provides links to store locators and catalog pages

* Gives you sources for petite jeans, petite maternity clothing, petite lingerie, and small size shoes

* Links to articles and blogs on petite fashion
Thank you for your reconsideration.

Here is a link that might be useful: Petite Resource

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hi fgoldberg- thanks for an interesting site that you provided- I was always trying to find clothing online for my petite size - especially fitness wear. have a great day!!

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tonyterri -

Thanks! Please pass it along to any petite friends!

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