Anyone rotisserie a turkey on a gas grill?

caflowerluverNovember 21, 2008

I decided to do something different for Thanksgiving and cook it on our new rotisserie. I have never done this though I have done chickens and roasts.

How long would a thawed 12LB turkey take?

Do I keep the lid up or closed?

Should I just heat it from the sides and shut off the middle?

What temperature should the inside of the grill (not bird) reach?

How do I keep the wings from becoming burnt (happened on a large chicken once)?



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Clare done them many times. My daughter has been hounding me since September to do a rotis bird again. I used this receipe a couple of times and it is a winner. If link does not work Google "webers sage orange and clove rotisserie turkey"

I have found I like the 12-14 lb range birds also and prefer Jenno Turkeys to Butterballs.

All your questions can be found in that receipe concerning time of cooking etc. Yes lid down and I do cook it indirect (middle burner off other two on med) as the receipe suggests. I put a wee bit of aluminum foil on the wings to prevent burning. Doneness can be determined 180 in the thigh or 170 in the breast.

Very Respectfully,

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Jeff - Thanks for the reply and the link. I will check it out. This is my first time cooking a turkey that way. But I figured if chicken taste great that way, why not a turkey. And thanks for the tip with the foil.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I have done many turkeys on the rotisserie. I would also strongly suggest referring to Weber for specific instructions. The length of time to cook varies wildly. The outside ambient temperature and wind seem to be the biggest variables. Getting the timing right is very hard but I would say on average it takes 2 to 3-1/2 hours. I would also suggest brining the bird.

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wheely_boy - Thanks for the information. I have been reading up on it and it did say to brine.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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this subject also answers the ? about if hi-end grills are worth it. i often do turkeys and find it is a real benefit to having an infra-red back burner. this is usually only found on lynx,viking, wolf, dcs, type grills. it is a vertical burner across the back. find a nice 14-15 lb turkey to put on a rotisserie. season the turkey with salt. put a pan under the turkey and make baste. 1 cup of Kahlua, 1 cup of water, and about 12oz. of apricot jam. mix baste and put in pan. cook only using back burner and baste every 15-20 min. turkey will take about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. save all the dripping, remove add a little water and corn starch to thicken for your gravy for this fantanstic dark colored bird. if you prefer more of a golden colored bird , use amareeto and apple jelly instead. um good

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