Want To Buy Stainless Steel Grill (outdoor)

taftNovember 28, 2004

I posted this question on the Appliances forum but then I found this forum so I'm going to paste it here as well.

"Can you guys/gals point me towards a good quality ss gas grill? And...is it possible to get a grill that can cook both with Lp or charcoal? We currently keep two grills on our patio and to me it is an eyesore but DH likes to use charcoal for steaks and roasts. Maybe we should just build them into the patio so he can have his two grills but they won't be an eyesore anymore."

I have only casually shopped for a new gas grill so I am not sure what the price points are on these. I want a good quality grill that is going to last because we grill often. I would like to keep the cost under $1k.

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They make combo gas/charcoal grills but I dont think they are any good. I like my Weber Genesis SS. I have had it 2.5 years and cook on it year round. From everything I have read Weber is a great brand it is clearly the best grill I have ever used. This time of year is good for getting a better deal look around and see if you can find one on closeout for fall. Weber has excellent support for parts so I plan on keeping mine going for many more years to come.

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I have had a DCS Grill for over 6 years that I can highly recommend it. Before that I had a Weber Genesis for over 8 years and it was a good grill as well. Although, the DCS is substantially better. The main difference is that the DCS can get up to over 1100° with both sides turned on and over 600° with just one side on.


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