plugged up grills, ignition jets... how to clean?

vieja_gwNovember 20, 2011

Bought a used grill that has me busy cleaning it as it was filthy! Got all the grills & igniton jets to work with the exception of one.. the jet & the burner must be clogged with BBQ grease or something. What can I soak these in to try & clean them? I have tried the ZEB orange spray cleaner I got at Home Depot but I think I need to use something that the things can be soaked in for awhile to loosen the stuff that is plugging them.... would appreciate any ideas you have tried that worked!

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You can look for a long, flexible brush... Resembles a bottle brush, but wire. You really Ned to get the crud out or risk a fire in grill. Stiff wire brush works well on any external crud. Once internal and external gunk is gone, I'd fire up grill on high and let it go for a good half hour to burn off anything that might be left..

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