Men's fashion question about undershirts

pink_overallsMarch 11, 2008

MY DH sometimes wears short sleeve shirts (not polo) to the office. At this time of year (late spring in coastal North Carolina) he'll often wear a white t-shirt underneath. It seems to me that if you need an undershirt, why not just wear long sleeves, and if you think it's warm enough for short sleeves, then skip the undershirt. What am I missing? Any men's fashion gurus out there?

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When your DH wears long sleeve dress shirts, does he also wear a T-shirt underneath? For some men, it's just considered underwear. My DH always wears a T-shirt under a dress shirt, but not a polo.

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My DH wears them because he says they help absorb underarm perspiration.

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My hubby always wears an undershirt- they do help with perspiration and my hubby doesn't like the exposed 1970's chest look. He doesn't like any hair puffing above the neckline of his shirts- so the undershirt covers everything and he can leave a top button or two undone if need be.

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I even put undershirts on my kids a lot. I think they help make a shirt look cleaner and crisper in a way.

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OK, I guess my question should have been, Should a man wear a tank top-style, ribbed cotton undershirt under a short sleeve shirt?

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I think it's a matter of preference, like the difference between bikini underwear for women or briefs or boxers. My husband would NEVER wear a tank-style undershirt. He just hates them.

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I also think it's a matter of preference whether a guy wears an A-Shirt (tank type) or a T-Shirt. I would opt for the T-Shirt under a short sleeved dress shirt because, like Carla, I think it makes for a crisper more finished look.


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The young people in our area call the tank top type of undershirts "wife beaters."

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gotta say, i'm glad my son just calls them beaters!!!!!!!!

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I've mostly lurked on many of the other forums, but this is my first time here. My DW would totally crack up if I tried to pass myself off as a "men's fashion guru", so let's get that notion out of the way first. Nevertheless, I still found the comments very interesting to read.

FWIW, here's my take on undershirts:
-- I wear one only under a dress shirt. So for me, that's almost never. :-)
-- I do not wear one for warmth, though doing so might add to the layering effect in colder climates.
-- I do not wear one for perspiration control, though doing so might help in warmer, muggy climates.
-- My only hard-and-fast rule is that it should never be seen. Not below the sleeves, not in the chest and neck area, and not in the waist area if everything is worn outside the trousers. If I did have an occasion to wear one with an open collar shirt, I would wear a V-neck undershirt.

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My DH has taken to wearing a special undershirt for skinny men. It fills him out and makes his shirts fit better but what's been said about the perspiration factor is a good point. I think that the yellowing of the underarms of his shirts before he started wearing undershirts was hideous. If only I could do something about the neck dirt. LOL.

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My DH wears both tank tops and short sleeve tee as undershirts. Yes long sleeve tee is also a good option but as undershirts, sleeveless shirts are perfect.

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