Rotisserie for Charmglow - where can I find one?

caflowerluverNovember 8, 2006

We just bought a new Charmglow SS grill. They had them on sale at HD for $100 off and it was time to get a new one. It has a place for a rotisserie which I would like to try, but can't find one to fit this grill. Anyone know where you can get one or what other brand would work with this grill?



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if you attatch a photo of where the motor mounts or decribe the hole pattern I might be able to point you into the right direction.

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Most stores like Lowes and home Depot carry accessory rotisseries. Check the holes on your grill. You may have to drill holes to mathc. Should not have to pay $100

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grilllover - Sorry I haven't got back to you. Between finishing a kitchen remodel DIY and the rain storms I haven't got out to look.

nardbarn1 - I looked at HD but they don't seem to carry them in the winter. I asked but they said they don't know if they will get them in until Spring. This is crazy because, when it stops raining, in CA you can cook outside all year long. I will keep looking.

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If your grill is ALL stainless steel, it can be bought from Nexgrill, if it is stainless with aluminum side shelves, it can be bought from

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