Coloring over chunky blonde highlight

cjgisMarch 28, 2011

I had my hair highlighted professionally about 2 months ago. It's starting to grow out and it looks fine when I wear my hair down. Um a ponytail girl though! She made the highlights too chunky so it looks striped when pulled back. Is it ok to buy a hair color and do it at home? I want to go a darker color to cover up the highlights until they grow out. Is that ok? Any recommendatoms for a box brand?

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I'd try the home color first;
if it works, ta-da!, & if it doesn't, then you can go to the hairdresser.

I'd ask the beauty supply store to recommend a brand, & also to recommend a non-stripping shampoo-

Where your darker color covers the lighter color, it'll tend to fade.

A non-stripping shampoo will minimize the fading...

but plan to touch up fairly often until your hair grows out.

Best luck!

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