How hot should the Member's Mark Get?

wildsharklOctober 10, 2002

I have the $599 model, and everyone here and there has me curious? People talk about the temps but we do not know the outside temperature?, windy? How many burners on High? and now the time means something to me...and I can check mine. It was 90 degrees the other day slight wind and I had 2 burners (left and middle) on high and after 20 minutes it was 400 with the lid down the whole time. One burner (left) it was about 325 degrees with the lid down. 300 degrees with just the rotisserie on. and the lid down. This was with a new bottle with the new fitting. I think the old out dated propane bottle heated up quicker. I used the precautions to open slowly and not restricting the flow. So how does this compare with the rest of you guys?

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Suggest you get a very accurate thermometer to double check the temp readings. The thermometers that these manufacturers put in their grills don't appear to be very accurate, so you may be getting much higher temps than the built-in thermometer is indicating. If I'm not mistaken, the MM grill has three 18,000 BTU main burners. Those should be more than enough to get that grill to 600F.

Personally I don't think temps over 500 are ever necessary, but others seem to prefer high temps.

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