haircut before a perm..?

vieja_gwMarch 11, 2011

I have always asked & until just recently always got... my hair cut before my perm. I feel I could see what the hair cut/shape looked like after the cut but before the perm. Now almost everywhere they refuse to cut before the perm even if it is longer & I want it shorter. After the perm, for one thing a lot of the perm will be cut off esp. if there is a lot of hair to trim off... and at least the tightest (end)permed parts will be cut off. It is difficult to actually see what the shape looks like ... until you shampoo it a couple times & find flaws in the shape & length. Why do they refuse to do this now all of a sudden? Oh, I am told they might cut it too short if done before the perm but I think it really is that it is easier for them to roll the uncut old permed hair & it is easier to conceal a bad haircut when done after the perm. I even offer to sign a waiver if they will do it my way but they refuse! Thankfully, I now go to a beauty school where the students are allowed to do what patrons want though it does take upwards of four hours for me but I at least don't go home & cry as I used to do afterwards!

Anyone else have this problem?

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If a stylist doesn't do what the customer asks for, find another stylist. I am glad you are going to a school for your hair now, your requests and knowledge of your own hair needs will help them become better stylists.

Next time, ask one of the instructors why you are having the reactions you are, see if this is something new in the industry.

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The stylists all used to do it (cut before a perm) but now have all these 'reasons' it should not be done. Why was it then OK to do it in the past?! It only stands to reason I think that the blunt cut end is a bit more difficult to roll on a perm rod than if one is trying to roll the uncut (old perm) hair on a perm rod but no one will admit this may be the reason they want to cut after the perm!

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