virco conversion problems with quick disconnect

superflygrillguyOctober 20, 2002

I remember reading somewhere about not adequate flames when using quick disconnect hose after LP to NG conversion. I remember it having to do with incompatibility with flared outlets and nonflared outlets. Does anbody know what I am talking about the the link to where it was that someone has talked about this?

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the other end hooks that hooks up to the house is 3/8" BUT MY HOUSE OUTLET IS 1/2". Thus I have to put an adapter. But I think it is the adapter that is causing problems. I am using a gas fitting made for gas dryer labelled : 3/8 in. O.D. Flare x 1/2 in. Female Thread from Brasscraft bought at Home Depot. I remember reading somewhere about flared parts and non-flared parts incompatibility.

When I first lit the first burner everything looked OK. But the 2nd burner wouldn't light even though I seea spark produced by the ignitor. Then I turned off the first burner and the 2nd would light. Finally, got two burners going but noticed that they are very dimly on. I drilled the orifices to 20K btu standards in case you are wondering (1.93 mm).

Thanks for any reply.

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Figured it out:

If you have the Charbroil 12' quick disconnect hose, the end that goes into the house is a pipe thread. You cannot connect it to a flare thread. I have a 1\2" pipe thread outlet at my house. But the adapter I used was a flare thread!! WRONG!! Anyway this may be very simple for some, but it may help others.

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