Large open pores

olivercatMarch 29, 2007

Due to heredity and possibly other factors, I have huge open pores on my face. I am middle aged with combination skin and Rosacea. I have done everything that I can think of to either shrink these pores or at least cover them. Nothing has worked as well as I thought it should. I read last night in Paula Beguin's Beauty Bible that large open pores are often damaged skin and may NEVER shrink. She said that they are often caused by sun damage. I have never been a sun worshiper, but like most people didn't totally avoid it either. Now, I am diligent about sunscreen, but for years never even thought of it. She had some suggestions on how to cover them with makeup, but it's trial and error. Does anybody else have this problem and have found a solution? I'd love to know. Thanks!!!!

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Good for you for seeking out information on the Internet, even though what you found out at Paula's wasn't very encouraging.

I don't have really large pores, but I do have some on my chin that I wish would go away. Do you have CVS drugstores in your area? I recently went there to get a night cream, and I ended up buying CVS brand "anti-wrinkle cream." The package looks like the one linked below, but it does not have a sunscreen. It does contain pro-retinol, whatever that is, and I think my pores look better. This is a knock-off of another product, maybe Neutrogena.

Good luck. Don't give up.

Here is a link that might be useful: anti-wrinkle

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Thanks Socks. Nice of you to respond. I used the Neutrogena version about a year ago. It did seem to help firm up the skin a little as I recall but most retinol products burn my Rosacea. Pro-retinol is their name for a vitamin A derivative. Equate brand has a knock off also. Retinol is supposed to help both wrinkles and pimples. I'm sure it can help pores in many people. Having Rosacea limits what you can use.

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Unfortunately there is still no way to remove large pores or change their size permanently. You can try facials and using those biore pore strips, or just try concealing them with makeup, as most of us do. I wear something called "the foundation faker" from Benefit, which is a cream-to-powder foundation, thatÂs fairly translucent, so it doesnÂt seem to make the pores more noticeable -- to me at least.

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Socks, I started thinking about your advice and I went out and bought the anti-wrinle cream, even though it burned when I tried it before. It might do better this time around. I'm going to try it again. Thanks. Also, thanks, Zoewolf. I'm experimenting with makeup also. My pores seem really hard to cover. I'm not familiar with Benefit products. We don't have access to all of the many makeup brands in this area. I wish we had a Sephora store here. You mentioned facials. I had one years ago. My face got so irritated from it, I had inflamed skin for months afterward. I would consider getting one again in the right circumstances. Thanks again.

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Clinique has a product called Pore Minimizer. I have noticable pores (but not huge) on my nose and it definitely diminishes their appearance. Maybe go to their makeup counter and try a sample.

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What you are calling large "open pores" is actually just the opposite. The pores are clogged and that is what makes them enlarged.

Facials can help but once the pore has been stretched out they don't shrink back.

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I had microdermabrasion and it improved the texture of my skin noticably. Have you had a consultation?

I had it in my 40's. I'm not sure I'd do it again today, because my skin is thinner.

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I would agree with Bud above! I developed cystic acne in my mid-30s and started getting routine facials. And not just foofy facials -- peels, extractions and microdermabrasion when I could afford it. Not only did it help clear up the acne (after about 6 months of aggressive peels) but because my pores where so darn clean, the larger ones around my nose looked much more refined. Through this process, I also learned that I was making the problem worse by using oil-control products because your skin overcompensates by producing more oil. Unfortunately, now I'm addicted to facials! Okay, I'll shut up now. Best of luck!

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I would love to get facials or try anything that works. I did get a facial several years ago. The Esthetician used steam on my face and did some extractions as well as some other procedures. It really hurt and my rosacea went into major overdrive and it took months to calm it down. I am going to see a new dermatologist and ask what treatments he recommends. I appreciate all of the suggestions. Thanks so much.

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On another forum I visit, this Clinique product was highly recommended: Clinique Instant Pore Perfector. I think it's under $20. I haven't tried it, but the poster thought it was great.

Maybe this is the same one Bettyboop recommended.

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I also have this problem, im only 20 years old so you can imagine how it has taken a toll on my confidence :S i recently had a microdermabrasion facial (i dont think that other facials really work as well, this one is more intense), they dont use any steam. Well at least they didnt at the place i went to. It really did help reduce their appearance. I will be going back every week for about 6 weeks, so hopefully it all clears up and ill let you guys know how its going :D

All the best!

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this will help some what...i learned this in beauty school. when you wash your face use hot water, after you are done rinse with cool or cold water-this will help close your pores and make them tighter. when you use hot water your pores will open up and vice versa. same with your hair hot water opens your hair follicles helping it absorb your conditioner. if you continue to do it over time it will help but not get rid of it completely. i have the same problem.

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There are many natural remedies that you can do at home. Scrub your face with sugar. Sugar is a wonderful ingredient that naturally smooth fine lines, removes dead skin, improves the appearance of pores and blackheads and removes toxins. Don't use harsh soap in washing your face and avoid long sun exposure.

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You mentioned Paula Begoun. According to Paula, a BHA product will actually get inside the pores and clean them out. I have used her products and they are excellent.

Here is a link that might be useful: Paula's Choice

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Open large pores skin is also open to dirt and debris and may cause clogged pores and will result to pimples and acne. Natural facial wipes is recommended to deep cleanse the face. ALso a fuss free facial masks is a must to tighten the pores. I have the same kind of skin and I am using these products and they are wonderful.

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Oh, sorry to hear about that. I'm a fish here.
Hope the pores skin is gone and the skin is healed now.

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I have similar issues and have been working with Philosophy's skin care products. Pricier than some, but I look for sales and promotions They seem to be kinder and gentler, not a lot of extra or irritating ingredients and they work well. The oxygen peel is not irritating on my skin, but it is deep cleaning. The Microdelivery Scrub or Miracle Worker cleanser (lactic acid to exfoliate) might help for daily cleaning. I've also gotten a cleanser with pineapple enzymes that was recommended for my son when he had acne. He didn't like it, but I did. I think it is made by alba. I've seen it at Ulta, Target and other stores.

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Born with large pores in my DNA, I have been forced to use Accutane. Has nothing to do with sun. I have large pores in areas that have never seen the sun.

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I read an article about this and it said there is nothing that can change pores. After using a product to shrink pores it may look like it helped but all it did was clean the pores making them look better.

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