Pricing for a used grill?

gotjOctober 17, 2002

I have a 4-year old Weber gas grill. It's the smaller model, the one with two burners and no side burner. It's black. I'm planning to get a new, larger grill (probably a Virco), and someone I know is interested in buying my Weber. I think I paid about $350 (on sale) for it originally. It has been used quite a bit but works flawlessly, has been covered whenever not in use and is in generally excellent condition. It's just too small for my growing family.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what would be a fair price?

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I'd say half price at best. How much would you pony-up for a four year old Virco (if they would have been on the market that long)? Maybe a Virco isn't a good example. Since it's all stainless it should technically clean-up as good as new if you wanted to put the elbow grease into it. A Weber will show more wear. But the point is that grills probably don't hold their value too well.

For reference, I sold my 3-burner Weber with upgraded SS flavorizer bars, cover and rotisserie and without a tank for $200. It was about six years old and it looked used. I paid $449 for the grill, $40 or $50 for the SS flavorizer bars (don't remember which) and I think the rotiss is 60 bucks or so.

That's my suggestion but I could be way off base. -Terry

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