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glory37October 14, 2006

I'm looking to put in an outdoor kitchen. The two grills I'm looking at are Alfresco LX2 and the Twin Eagles brand. Does anyone have input on either of these grills?

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They are both very nice grills (high end) if you want to compare the two there both 304 stainless steel and have stainless burners if I were to choose I would pick an Alfresco they have been making grills for much longer plus they help better with any kind of warranty issues .. Twin Eagle has been around a long while also but started building grills a few years ago .. they started bulding accessories like doors and drawers for islands.... but there grill is still higher end I think there just a little overpriced ...

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Just went to BBQ Galore in Orange County and got a history lesson on both Alfresco and Twin Eagles. Seems that both companies started out by establishing Lynx Grills in 1996. The designer and engineer left Lynx and started Twin Eagles in 1999 and designed and manufactured the high end grills for Ducane Meridian, CalSpas CalFlame, Maytag and Jade Dynasty. Twin Eagles came out with their own grill in 2003 based on their knowledge and experience from building the other grills. Alfresco was started by two salesmen of Lynx in 2001. Their design and engineering is based on the Lynx grill. I would definitely choose the Twin Eagles grill vs. the Alfresco grill. Their knowledge and expertise in the grilling industry seems to surpass Alfresco. Also, they have a really cool spring that makes the front hood easy to lift!

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